Nursing Program Announcements and Changes

Program Announcements


The Nursing Website will be down for maintenance on July 15th.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  


New Testing Procedure and Test

Starting Spring Quarter 2015, students applying to the program are required to complete ATI TEAS testing before the deadline date they are applying for. The process of sending out letters inviting students to take the TEAS test at Everett Community College is discontinued. Going forward, dates and times that students may sign up to take the test at EvCC are listed on the Nursing Admission Testing Signup link found on the Admissions Process page.

Students will need to create an ATI Account at  selecting Everett Community College as their instituion. This must be completed prior to the testing date. Bring your login information to testing. Pay the EvCC Cashier (located in Parks Student Union, room 201) for the test and bring your receipt and U.S. Government issued photo identification with you.

If you have taken the test more than once within the last two years, we will only consider the test results from your second attempt. If you took or are planning to take the test at a location other than EvCC, submit an Official Results Report through ATI to by the deadline date to be considered for that application period.

New PAX Test

The Nursing Program will begin using the PAX (Pre Admission eXam) for entrance into the Nursing Program for the Winter 2016 application period. The TEAS test will be discontinued after the Fall deadline of July 5, 2015. Please review the new PAX test  document to learn more about this upcoming change to the admissions process.

Online Information Session Now Available

After the 2015 Winter Quarter, there will be no more in-person Nursing Information Sessions held on campus. Information about the Nursing Program is now available in an online video that is more readily acessible to all students interested in the program. It is located on the Nursing information and advising page. Students need to have watched the video and have a student number (SID) with Everett Community College, before meeting with an adviser.

New "Nursing Pre-Application" Class

Starting Winter quarter 2015, all students wishing to apply to Everett's Nursing Program must complete the new "Nursing Pre-Application" class. This is a non-credit class that should take you no more than a couple of hours and is a means by which to get your transcripts reviewed and make sure you have become familiar with the program and its application requirements.

This class is mandatory for anyone wishing admittance into Everett's Nursing Program. Students who have not finished the class before the deadline date they wish to compete for, will not be considered for that application period. This means that if you wish to apply for Fall quarter (deadline July 5) you would take the class Spring quarter. To apply for Winter (deadline September 5) take the class during the Summer. If interested in Spring quarter (deadline January 5) the class must be completed Fall quarter.

Application to the Nursing Program previously had two parts, part one and part two. Beginning with Winter quarter of 2015, there will be only one application and it will be turned in when a student is ready to apply to the program. The fee for the nursing Pre-Application Class will replace the file establishment fee associated with the former part one application. If you had previously turned in a part one application and paid the filing fee, your cost for the class will be waived, but you must still take the class.

The Nursing Pre-Application class is a permission-required class and its prerequisite is met when you have turned in official unopened copies of all transcripts from other schools to the Health Professions Service Center (HPSC) in Liberty Hall, room 251. You will be given a permission code at this time. If all prerequisite classes were completed at EvCC, there is no need to turn in official transcripts, but a permission code is still needed to enroll in the class. You may get the code by coming by the HPSC office. While enrolled in the class, students will fill in a form to request an official credit evaluation of their transcripts, which can take about 8 weeks, and meet with an adviser if they have not previously done so.

New requirements for the Nursing Program application process

There is a new step to the admission process. All applicants must create an immunization account and complete a background check  through our new online system. Your immunizations must be completely compliant with the standards set by the nursing consortium  by the deadline date in order for you to be considered for the nursing program for that quarter. If you are not compliant in all categories within the account, you will not be considered for that application period, and may apply for the next admission deadline. Please read about the TB requirements before visiting your healthcare provider for this immunization. When creating your immunization account you will select the "Pre-admission ADN applicant" option. You should not create either account more than 30 days before the deadline date.

UW Bothell - Program Update

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with UW Bothell that will be starting on our campus in Winter of 2016, called the First Year Entry  RN-to-BSN Degree Program. The program's purpose is to promote the graduation of more RNs who are well on their way to obtaining a BSN. Hospitals have an increasing mandate to hire nurses who already have BSN degrees or who have concrete plans to get into a BSN program. Currently, UW Bothell teaches their BSN program to up to 90 students per year on the EvCC campus.

This new program will further the EvCC - UW Bothell partnership by admitting freshmen into a nursing program in which students begin with nursing prerequisites on the UW Bothell campus, transfer to EvCC for the pre-licensure Nursing portion, and then return to UW Bothell for their final year to earn the BSN degree. High School and Running Start students who are interested in the program should contact a UW Bothell Admissions Adviser and attend a FYE Information Session. Learn more by visiting the UWB BSN program overview website. A new cohort of thirty students will start at UWB every Autumn and then come to EvCC five quarters later each Winter quarter to begin their Nursing coursework. Thirty spots from our Winter admission cycle will be reserved for students participating in this program.

LPN Bridge Program and RN Refresher Course are discontinued

The Nursing Program will no longer be offering the LPN to RN advanced placement program. Any LPN wishing to join the program will need to compete as any other applicant, following the admission criteria guidelines. The RN Refresher Course was linked with the HECO Grant that ended June 2014. It will not be offered again in the future.