Criminal Justice Program Outcomes

Criminal Justice Program Outcomes

Apply the knowledge and verbal skills to effectively communicate with criminal suspects, victims, witnesses, person in crisis and others in need.

Identify constitutional freedoms and rights, and how an ethical criminal  justice system and participatory citizenship protect those freedoms and rights.

Analyze a criminal case to determine its appropriate processing, given an understanding of the jurisdiction and functions of police, courts and corrections as components of an interdependent criminal justice system.

Secure and process a crime scene employing proper techniques of evidence gathering, searching, sketching and on-scene interviewing.

Analyze criminal statutes to determine the statutes' elements, constitutionality and proper application.

Produce written incident and investigative reports that are useful and professional in terms of accuracy, completeness, spelling and grammar.

Describe those applicant screening/selection processes typically utilized by law enforcement and corrections agencies for their entry-level positions.