Geology 190 - Earn Credit Hiking Washington's Mountains

A Natural History of Washington's Mountains

Regional Geoscience Field Experience - GEOL 190

Offered September 6-15, 2017

Come hike with us as we uncover the glacial history of the Olympic Mountains and the volcanic history of Mount St. Helens.  This unique class is held between Summer and Fall Quarters.  Class meets on campus Wednesday, September 6, and departs Thursday, September 7 for four days in the Olympic Mountains.  On September 11, we will travel to Mt. St. Helens for four days, then return to Everett for a final on-campus meeting September 15.  Emphasis will be on the use of geologic principles to interpret field evidence found in landscapes and rocks.

Credits: 5; 2 additional credits available with completion of optional final project.  Satisfies Natural Science Lab distribution requirement.  Pre-requisite: ENGL 098 or equivalent.  Fee: $350, which covers cost of food, travel, lodging, and course materials (no textbook required).

Why should you take this course?  

Because learning outdoors is more fun!  Plus you can:

  • Satisfy a Natural Science Lab requirement.
  • Get an early jump on your fall quarter courseload - earn 5-7 credits before the quarter starts.
  • Build a foundation for scientific inquiry and local natural history knowledge.  This course will prepare you for future coursework in the natural sciences while providing a fun introduction to the magical landscapes we call home.

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More detailed information about the course is available on the Field Course Details page. 

Please contact instructor Hal Wershow at or 425-388-9964, ext. 7318, with questions.