PROPELS Student Mentoring Program

Peers Reaching Out to Promote Educational Learning Success

Our Mission: PROPELS Student Mentors support, equip and inspire each other, in order to become successful students. We understand that college is not easy, and we believe that the keys to student success are students-helping-students while making connections with others, having access to resources, building communities, engaging in campus activities, and believing in one another.

PROPELS Mentoring Objectives:

  • Provide additional support to all students
  • Provide students with information resources ex. how to access student email, navigate CANVAS
  • Monitor the success of student completion 
  • Provide a student-to-student open platform for discussing challenges they face on and off campus
  • Help students to overcome obstacles
  • Help students achieve academic and career goals
  • Promote "Student LIFE"
  • Support Advising
  • Promote personal growth and development
  • Build Leaders

Sign up here with our online application: I want supportBecome a student mentor 
Mentor and student signup forms are also located in Parks Student Union room 209 or Rainier 112 in The BRIDGES center.

PROPELS Mentoring partners with the following student resources:

The Writing Center    Diversity and Equity Center    Counseling & Student Success
Tutoring Center         Financial Aid                           Center for Disability Services
Student LIFE             Advising                                  The BRIDGES center                    

Join us for open student group study sessions:

Thursdays 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm in The BRIDGES center RAI 112