Center for Disability Services - CDS

What does the Center for Disability Services do?

The Center for Disability Services (CDS) office at Everett Community College provides qualified students with documented disabilities an equal opportunity to participate in the variety of educational, recreational, and social opportunities available at Everett Community College. CDS provides academic accommodations for students with a documented permanent or temporary physical, mental, or sensory disability; resource and referral information; and advocacy support as necessary and appropriate.

How are accommodations determined?

Accommodations are determined on an individual basis and are based on the current impact of the student's disability in the academic environment.

How does a student request services through CDS?

Students should submit documentation of their disability to the Center for Disability Services office and schedule an intake appointment at that time.  It is best to submit the documentation 4-6 weeks before the quarter you plan on attending in order to ensure that your accomodations will be in place when you start.  Accommodations such as books in alternative format and Sign Language interpreting can take 6-8 weeks to put in place, so students needing these accommodations should contact CDS early.  Accommodations are not retroactive.

Students already approved and registered with CDS should fill out a Request for Services form each quarter they would like accommodations.