Tips for Helping Students with ADD / ADHD

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  • Break down tasks into smaller, less complex units
  • Explain assignments in a series of steps, making sure the student understands each step before moving on to the next
  • Teach by using visual examples and demonstrations
  • Be patient with the student when they ask questions, even if you feel they should have already grasped the information
  • When the student asks questions, rephrase the instructions instead of simply repeating the same words
  • Present information in a clear and organized step-by-step manner, emphasizing logical sequence of steps
  • Write steps on board or overhead so that students can see them, as these visual cues will help facilitate learning
  • Speak clearly and slowly when clarifying concepts
  • Be aware that the student may repeatedly ask for assistance on issues which you feel should already be clear – your patience and willingness to help will facilitate the learning process
  • Allow the student to sit where they will be able to learn best – this may be in the front of the class, away from windows, doorways and other distractions.