Tips for Successful Transfer

If you are planning to earn a two year degree, and then transfer to a university, this page is for you. If you are planning to transfer prior to earning an EvCC degree, work with both a university representative and your EvCC advisor. The suggested timeline will help you complete a successful transfer. The best tip for a successful transfer: Plan Early!

Remember, it is always a good idea to meet with Counseling and Student Success for a consultation about your plans and questions. Take advantage of the university representatives visiting our campus and find out about their programs, admission criteria and admission process.

1-30 credits

Explore majors and degree requirements. Begin researching universities/colleges you might want to attend. If undecided about which majors or careers you might want to pursue, visit Counseling and Student Success. Make sure you are taking classes that will transfer. Work with an advisor.

30-45 credits

Continue taking classes that will satisfy both general education and specific major requirements. Make sure you are choosing classes from your intended degree checklist (AAS, AS), and your major curriculum guide (i.e. Business, Engineering, Nursing). Work with your program advisor.

45-60 credits

Begin applying to universities/colleges you want to attend. Typically, you apply 7-8 months before the quarter you wish to attend. Apply for Financial Aid and research possible scholarship options. Continue working with your program advisor.

60-90 credits

Apply for graduation. Two quarters prior to graduation, get your checklist approved and signed by your faculty advisor. Turn your signed checklist and diploma application into Enrollment Services for approval. Complete your major and degree requirements. Make sure you have met all EvCC graduation requirements. Request that a final transcript, showing completion of the degree, be sent to your intended university.