Message from EvCC President, Dr. David Beyer

Welcome to Everett Community College!

We strive for inclusive excellence and creating a welcoming environment for all students. Our new Strategic Plan was created based on input from 500 students, community members, and employees. We are committed to developing cultural competencies in faculty, staff and students while supporting cultural identities, values and practices.

The Achieving the Dream initiative is revitalizing our efforts to integrate cultural connections and awareness into our curriculum and programs. The annual Students of Color Career Conference and the Outreach, Diversity & Equity Center (ODE), are key components to proactively developing a campus culture of respect, advocacy, and engagement for all, from the classrooms to our employees, to the Board of Trustees.  I wish you success.
Dr. David Beyer, President EvCC

ODE offers resources to take students beyond the classroom to deeply explore their cultural histories and identities. ODE is a safe space for students to feel empowered to find their voice as we develop social justice advocates in collaboration with community partners.  We create connections so students have guidance and support for identity development and an opportunity to discuss institutionalized systems of inequality. We assist all students in navigating barriers to achieving their educational goals. 
Karena Hooks, Director, Outreach, Diversity & Equity Center