The Family Life Class Requirement

The Family Life Class is intended to enhance your family’s experience of the Early Learning Center. It is an opportunity for you to access information and build the skills and habits to be confidently involved in the care and education of your child now and in the future. The fee for the class is included as part of enrolling your child at the Early Learning Center.

There are three components of the class, similar to the Lab, Lecture and Assignment requirements in other college classes.  Your syllabus must be signed and turned in at the end of the quarter to receive credit for your class.

The Lab is the Early Learning Center. We ask you to spend time in the classroom, because parent participation:

  • Is an indicator of best practice in childcare and in schools.
  • Contributes to optimum social, emotional, physical and cognitive development for children.
  • Is an opportunity to know your children’s teachers, friends, routines and preferences.
  • Allows you to see your child in a group setting to give you added insight into their strengths and challenges.
  • Means more involved adults in the classroom - giving children an opportunity to try out new skills, use more language and meet a diverse group of people.

During your parent hours here you can be with your child, help a group of children or ask the teacher if there is some way to be helpful to them. We hope to be flexible and helpful in making it a positive experience for you and your child.

The Lecture in Family Life consists of a variety of parent education classes each quarter at varying times and days. Subjects covered and the schedule for the classes will change based on parent surveys, but will always include an orientation to the center, child development and guidance techniques.

The Assignment  is given by the teachers in your child’s classroom. It is usually a small, fun, easy project for you to do with or about your child. Often it is something to be brought back to the center to help children and teachers know each other better.

You will be given a syllabus to be kept in a folder in your child’s classroom. It will include a place to keep a record of your lab and lecture hours and the completion of your assignment. Participation in the Family Life class and activities is important to your enrollment at the ELC. However, if at any time you are having difficulty with any aspect of the class, please talk to the instructor about possible alternatives.

Parents have free access at all times to all areas of the center that their child uses. Participation in the Family Life Class requires that the parent or legal guardian complete a DSHS Criminal History Background check and provide proof of a TB test taken within the last twelve months.  This is a requirement for all ELC staff and volunteers.