Important Tips

Winter Quarter 2018 Important Financial Aid Tips:

For eligible students to receive financial aid in time for for Winter 2018, you must have met the August 15, 2017 deadline. Check your Student Financial Aid Portal for your application status. Follow up with any "missing information" in the section, "Information We Need From You". If the information requested is not received after 14 business days, your file is considered incomplete and may be "closed" until you respond with the missing information. Once we receive the required information, we will re-open your file for review.

  • Verify your address in the My EvCC Student Portal. Make corrections if necessary under “address change” no later than January 2nd, 2018 to prevent your check from being mailed to the wrong address.
  • If you will not be enrolling full-time (12 or more credits), be sure to submit the online 17-18 Enrollment Change Form , no later than December 22nd, 2017, so that your aid package can be recalculated in time for the beginning of the term. A revised award letter will be emailed to you when we have adjusted your awards, and you can track the progress  in your Student Financial Aid Portal
  • Clear all outstanding debts to EvCC, i.e. parking fines, library fines. etc. as these will stop your check disbursement.
  • To see the financial aid you have been awarded, go to the section, "My Awards/Opportunity Pathways".
    • You can view the type of aid program awarded, the dollar amounts, and for which quarter (sessions).
    • "Accepted" Status means funds can disburse. You may also see other award status messages, based on elligiblity. Contact us if you need any clarification.
  • To see your winter financial aid disbursement information, log into your Student Financial Aid Portal after January 4th. Select the appropriate award year from the drop down menu. Go to the section, "Information We Need From You".
    • Tuition payment: Look for your "Tuition Payment" to see the amount of the tuition and fees that were deducted from your total "accepted" awards for Winter 2018. 
    • Check disbursement: Look for your “Disbursement Date”. Checks are typically mailed the following business day from your disbursement date (with the exception of holidays and campus closures).
  • If your financial aid does not cover all of your tuition and fees, we are unable to hold your registration. This means you may have to pay out of pocket, make a payment plan with cashiers, or arrange a student loan to pay any charges that are not covered by your aid. ​
  • The Financial Aid Office​ does not offer book vouchers or accounts in the Bookstore. Students who have an excess of financial aid after it has been applied​ to tuition and fees may receive a check disbursement, and may use those funds for other educational expenses, including books and special equipment. However, checks are mailed to you and may not arrive until after the ​quarter has begun, and you may be responsible for purchasing materials before classes start.
  • Some aid programs require a minimum enrollment level (6 minimum credits for Loans and Work Study, 3 credits for State Need Grant and College Bound Scholarship), and 1 credit for Pell Grant. If you have questions about your specific award adjustment, please send us an email at fin_aid, or call us during office hours at 425-388-9280.
  • Be sure that you are registered (a wait-list cla​ss does not count as registered) at the enrollment level for which you​r​ aid was calculated. Example: if you are awarded aid at ​a ​full-time enrollment level, your funds may disburse ​once you are registered in 12 or more credits. NOTE: you are not required to be enrolled as a full-time student in order to receive financial aid, but your awards may be adjusted down when you enroll less than full-time.
  • Ensure that you are only registered for courses required to complete your program. Taking courses outside of your program requirements may result in the cancellation of your financial aid. Note: TS courses are not financial aid eligible.