Center for Service Learning

Making a Difference through Education!

...located within WorkForce Funding, Parks 307

Service Learning is a hands-on/application-based teaching method characterized by student participation in organized service activities that are connected to specific learning outcomes.

  • Service Learning provides structured time for student reflection; connecting the service experience to specific course content.
  • Service Learning meets identified community needs.

Service Learning enhances the learning environment by...

  • Creating applications for academic concepts/theories connected to the local community.
  • Allowing for new perspectives.
  • Providing a personal experience for course content to help you engage, reflect, and succeed.

Your service project literally becomes a living text that is brought into the classroom. Much like the way an instructor chooses the books for a course, they give you specific service sites to choose from to focus your learning.

  • You are sent to a specific environment for a specific purpose.