Student Clubs and Organizations


1st Nations

Advisor: Paula Three Stars
Advisor: Brian Ramos

1st Nations is designed to promote unity among the various American Native tribes and the Alaska Native groups at EvCC and in the community, to provide a support base to attain personal, educational and community goals and to enrich each member’s knowledge of tribal customs and beliefs.

Anthropology Club

Advisor: Cynthia Clarke

The goal of the Anthropology Club is to exchange and discuss information and common interests within the study and subfields of Anthropology.

Arabic Club

Advisor: Christina Fusch

The goal of Arabic Club is to experience and relate the various cultures of the Arab world. Arabic Club has plans for festivals, cooking demonstrations, music and dancing sessions.

Art Alliance

Advisor: James Snitily
Advisor: Thom Lee

The purpose of this club is to promote excitement about art, to develop personal expression and to increase emotional experiences of art.

Asian/Pacific Islander Student Union

Advisor: Marianne Le

The goal of APSU is to organize and conduct activities related to Asian culture such as artists and lectures, promoting awareness and pride in our ethnic identities, culture and heritage.

Black Student Union

Advisor: Jerod Grant

BSU is a support organization for students seeking cultural, academic and intellectual advancement, and to educate ourselves and others of the positive contributions and accomplishments of African Americans.

Chinese Club

Advisor: Wenru Liu

Chinese Club wants to introduce Chinese culture and traditions to the local community in order  to enhance mutual understanding and appreciation. Encouraging diversity through sharing cultural activities and historical knowledge.

Computer Club

Advisor: Miles Erickson

The goal if the computer club is an open form for the discussion of IT related issues as relates to World Technology.  We raise funds to attend IT/Graphics conferences and other related functions.


Advisor: Kerri Schwab
Advisor: David Rash

The goal of CRU is to provide a place for students of inter-denominational Christian faith to meet and discuss issues of faith, life, spirituality, and assist one another in leadership development.

Dance Club

Advisor: Jerod Grant

The dance club’s main goal iis to teach Everett Community College students about hip hop dance styles as well as the history of hip hop dance.

Drama Club

Advisor: Beth Peterson

The Drama Club supports EvCC students interested in using and improving their acting skills.


Advisor: Laura Hart

The goal of EMPOWR is to educate and therefore empower participants on governmental policies and procedures brought before students, women and the public and increase political awareness and education at Everett Community College.

Engineering Club

Advisor: Matthew Parsons

The purpose of this club is to provide support and motivation for EvCC engineering students in developing their skills.

Express It Club

Advisor: Linda Berkley

The purpose of Express It Club is to explore different styles of expression in the form of art, music, writing and crafts.

German Club

Advisor: Elke Dinter

The German Club promotes a favorable relationship between the members and the German-speaking community to further the understanding of the German language, customs and people.

Human Services Club

Advisor: TBA

The purpose of this club is to raise awareness of and provide support to the societal and/or environmental needs of our community. The Human Services Club of EvCC will seek to improve the conditions for individuals and groups in the Everett, WA area through community involvement, fundraising, and collaboration with local agencies and organizations.

International Club

Advisor: Adja Fame
Advisor: Arianna Stafford

The International Club promotes friendship among international students and the college community by sharing customs, ideologies and cultural diversity.

Islamic Social Club

Advisor: Visakan Ganeson

The Islamic Social Club's goal is to provide opportunities for Muslim people and American people to share culture and ideas through a variety of activities.

Iwi Pono Student Society

Advisor: Laurie Franklin

Iwi Pono is an alliance for all students to gather together and gain a better understanding of the Hawaiian people, history, culture, language and experiences.

Japanese Club

Advisor: Mayumi Smith
Advisor: Heather Uhl

The Japanese Club welcomes all students interested in learning more about Japanese culture, language and people through participation in events, workshops and activities.

Latter-Day Saint Student Association

Advisor: Vicky Hansen

The LDSSA is established by the Seattle Washington Institute of Religion to help students attending colleges or universities have a balanced secular and spiritual educational experience during their years of formal education.

Math, Engineering & Science Student Association (MESSA)

Advisor: Steve Grupp

MESSA provides community service and education opportunities for students interested in - though not necessarily majoring in – math, engineering, and science through interaction with professional and educational organizations.


Advisor: Esther Moss
Advisor: Abraham Rodriguez-Hernandez

MeCHA promotes unity and community within the Chicano/Latino and EvCC campus communities, while increasing the recruitment and retention of EvCC Chicano/Latino students.

Photography Club

Advisor: William Frankhouser

The purpose of the club is to promote the art, style and enjoyment of photography at all skill levels and to educate, enrich and inspire our members to express themselves and help prepare their future in photography.

Russian Club

Advisor: Maria Kashani-Branson

To comment, share, and increase knowledge for students who have an interest in the Russian language and culture.

Society of Women Engineers

Advisor: Kristine Washburn

The goal of the Society of Women Engineers is to provide a place for women in science and engineering to meet others with the same interests and learn more about the engineering field.

Spanish Club

Advisor: Denny Gibson

The purpose of the Spanish Club is to practice speaking the Spanish language and encouraging cultural and social interaction between Spanish language learners and native speakers.


Advisor: Ronda Hansen

SPLICE stands for Supporting Parents with Limited-Incomes for College Education promotes unity and support among students, encouraging goal attainment and providing social, as well as, other services. A winter holiday party for the children of low-income students is held annually, in addition to other family-oriented activities.

Student Association of Medical Assistants (SAMA)

Advisor: Chris Clark
Advisor: Robb Etling

SAMA provides a place for students with an interest in Medical Assisting to expand their interest by participating in the activities such as discussion, projects, guest speakers and book discussions.

Student Nurses Organization

Advisor: Candace Whedon

SNO provides networking, coordination and organization for the nursing students of Everett Community College.

Students for Environmental Action (SEA)

Advisor: Laura Wild
Advisor: Molly Beeman

SEA is all about promoting environmental awareness and having fun while learning about current sustainability initiatives.

Swing Dance Club

Advisor: Richele Blair

Swing Dance Club practice and dance east and west coast swing to give students a better understanding of the American history of dance and give them a venue and method for social dancing.

T.A.G.G. Club (Trying it Again Guys & Gals)

Advisor: Trish Davies

T.A.G.G. is a club for students who have come to college to start over. We are a club that supports students in learning how to navigate the college landscape, and provides direction and information students need to be successful. We have informational meetings, participate in club activities, support each other to reduce the stress of being overwhelmed by this new experience, and help student enjoy their time at EvCC.

Teachers of Tomorrow

Advisor: Ken White

The purpose of this club is to provide support and learning opportunities for students who are entering the field of teaching. Special programs, group discussions, guest speakers and group projects are part of the club’s activities.

Triangle Alliance

Advisor: Allison Cohen
Advisor: Richele Blair

Triangle Alliance provides social support, awareness and information concerning Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual and Transgender issues.

Veterans’ Club

Advisor: Arlene Cahoon

The purpose of this club is to provide support and resources for EvCC students who are veterans through volunteer programs, discussion groups as well as group projects.

Writing Club

Advisor: Matt Kelsey
Advisor: Jennifer Beebe

Looking to strengthen your writing? The Writing Club is a place for serious writers to convene for encouragement and critique. Writers of fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry are welcome. Writers meet weekly to write and to promote awareness, understanding, and discussion of the various literary genres. Members are also involved in a variety of campus activities related to the literary arts.


American Welding Society

Advisor: Robert White

AWS objective is to engage in and assist others, in the development of sound practices for the application of welding, related processes and to disseminate welding knowledge through its publications, meetings, discussions, consultations and exhibits.

Phi Theta Kappa

Advisor: Carrie Wyatt

PTK is an international academic honor society. Phi Theta Kappa promotes scholarship, leadership development, service and the cultivation of fellowship among students at EvCC. Check out our Kappa Kappa website