The Paperclip

Parks Student Union
Room 203
425.388.9001 fa

Summer Hours:
Monday 8am – 6pm
Tuesday – Thursday 8:30pm-6pm
Friday –  Closed

August 25-29 - Closed 

Opening Week, Sept. 15-19 Hours:
Monday 9am – 4:30pm
Tuesday  –  Friday 9am-5pm

Fall/Winter/Spring Hours:
Monday – Thursday 8am – 7pm
Friday 8am – 4:30pm


Hours are subject to change due to campus events and activities. Hours between quarters will vary. Please call 425-388-9258 if you have questions about a specific date or time.

The Paperclip is a service provided for students by students and provides various services and activities throughout the year. Services such as student photo ID, selling Scantrons, pencils and stamps, free Internet access and computer use, as well as, campus referral and information, have proven successful in providing EvCC students with valuable information and services. The Paperclip is also a great place to study and meet in small groups.

Services for EvCC students include:

  • Student Photo ID Cards
  • Short-term computer use
  • School supplies such as Scantrons and No. 2 Pencils
  • Single postage stamps
  • Fax service for outgoing and incoming faxes at a low rate
  • Public Use Telephone
  • Referral and information services
  • Publication/document provider
  • Copy Machine (copy card)

For more information...

During 2013-14 the Paperclip is managed by Kysen Henderson, Paperclip Manager/Student Ambassador, ten to twelve Student Ambassadors and advised by Lindsay Hudson, who may be reached at 425.388.9508.