SEM Team

Working together with other faculty to focus on how we can best serve and attract students to our campus is not only enjoyable, but essential to answer the questions of how and why we represent students at EvCC, and how we can be better. - Alanna Yang, EvCC Transitional Studies Associate Faculty

Strategic Enrollment Management Team

SEM Council

John Bonner, SEM Council Chair/Exec Committee
Gail Miulli, Exec Committee
Maria Peña, Exec Committee/Funding Equity Lead
Heather Bennett
Diana Bikoeva (student)
Laurie Franklin
Sean Gehrke, FA Customer Service Survey Lead
Mostafa Ghous, Recruitment Task Force Lead
Andre Guzman
Katie Jensen
Jeanne Leader
Lynne Munoz
Kristen McConaha
Ann Nguyen (student)
John Olson
James Ramirez, Outreach Task Force Lead
Anthony Williams, I-PEDS Cohort Retention Lead

Faculty Advisory Council

Lynne Muñoz, SEM Council member
Joe Graber
Jennifer Jennings
Jason Ripper
Jonathan Stewart
Heidi Weiss-Green
Alanna Yang

K-12 Advisory Group

Dana Riley Black, Everett SD
Lori Knudson, Marysville SD
Alison Brynelson, Mukilteo SD
Eric Cahan, Snohomish SD
Eric DeJong, Arlington SD

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