Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) FAQ


What is SEM?

Guided by EvCC’s Strategic Plan, Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) 'is a college-wide effort to ‘develop a strong and growing pipeline of students enrolling in the institution that are served seamlessly en route to achieving their education and career goals.’  SEM’s scope is to attract, enroll, retain, and complete students.

Why do we have SEM?

SEM provides a framework with strategies and goals to help EvCC better fulfill our mission of expanding equity, access, and success for all students.

My advice would be to not be afraid to reach out to teachers/staff for help because they really are there to help you succeed, and genuinely care about their students! I have experienced it for myself firsthand. - Athena Harper, EvCC Student

Who is doing SEM work?

Of course, we are all engaged in supporting student success at EvCC! SEM plan development is led by a 15 member SEM Council, which includes faculty, staff, and student representatives. SEM Council charges work teams to develop and implement actions plans.

SEM Council’s Executive Committee also meets with a SEM Faculty Advisory Council and K-12 Advisory Group.   

What is SEM doing now?

SEM Council’s First Focus work, including scorecards, goals, and objectives for each area, is outlined in the First Focus presentation  . 

There are four phases to the SEM plan development:

  1. Identify Areas of First Focus (September - February 2017)
  2. SEM Plan Development and First Focus Implementation (March 2017 - Nov.  2017)
  3. SEM Plan Launch (September 2017- January 2018)
    Campus Data Review and Engagement Sessions; SEM Plan Review and Input
  4. On-going Implementation, Monitoring, Evaluating, and Updating (Jan. 2018 --)

What are SEM’s Areas of First Focus?

Using an equity lens, SEM Council reviewed data on the entire institution, including input from students, to identify four areas that merit our immediate focus and attention.  Small research teams were tasked with learning more about each area and developing a set of recommendations for SEM Council. These Areas of First Focus  include:

  • Student Funding
  • Outreach and Recruitment
  • Transitional Studies
  • Student Retention/Completion
  • Diversity and Equity (Integrated throughout)

How does SEM align with other student success efforts at EvCC, like Guided Pathways?

SEM, Guided Pathways (GP), and other student success efforts are all ways we implement EvCC’s Strategic plan and mission.

Both SEM and GP look to advance equity, access, and success, but are focused on different aspects of the same effort. SEM does not focus on academic pathways or advising. In areas where there is a potential for overlap, SEM and GP leaders meet regularly to coordinate efforts and discuss areas of mutual engagement. They also work together to develop annual budget requests.

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How do I get engaged?

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