Student LIFE Awards

Student LIFE Awards May 2016

Advisor of the Year Kristine Washburn
Faculty of the Year Jackie Hedgpeth
Staff of the Year Jose Martinez-Gomez
Outstanding Student Leader Edith Guzman & Alyssa Jackson
Distinguished Student Service Award Samantha Chapman
Club of the Year Latinx Student Union and MEChA de EvCC
Club Member of the Year Mike Marshall
EvCC Event of the Year Nothing is Impossible: The Story of Eduardo Mendoza
Diversity Champion Samantha Estremera
Student Employee of the Year Alyssa Jackson

Student LIFE Awards May 2015

Advisor of the Year Heather Uhl
Faculty of the Year Steve Grupp
Staff of the Year Abraham Rodriguez-Hernandez
Outstanding Student Leader Monica Colbert-Kelly
Distinguished Student Service Award Michael Hansen
Club of the Year International Club
Club Member of the Year Jingyuan Xia and Sydne Salcedo
EvCC Event of the Year Different, Not Less: Autism Awareness
Diversity Champion Brian Ramos

Student LIFE Awards May 2014

Advisor of the Year Lindsay Hudson
Faculty of the Year Cynthia Clarke
Staff of the Year Arlene Cahoon
Outstanding Student Leader Robert "Bobby" Burton
Distinguished Student Service Award Kellen Syth and Sumit Karn
Club of the Year Society of Women Engineers (SWE)
Club Member of the Year Kaio Ross and Jodi Yamashiro
EvCC Event of the Year Dr. Cornell West Lecture
Diversity Champion Deborah Newbury, Tutoring Center

Student LIFE Awards May 2013

Advisor of the Year Steve Grupp
Faculty of the Year Andrea Otanez
Staff of the Year Richele Blair
Outstanding Student Leaders Jacquelyn Julien & Raven Conyers
Distinguished Student Service Award Vilay Lee
Club of the Year Black Student Union (BSU)
Club Members of the Year Vanessa Guzman & Rickey Leachman
EvCC Event of the Year Lecture: Dr. Joy DeGruy - BSU, Outreach, Diversity & Equity Center & Student Activities
Organization of the Year Russell Day Gallery

Student LIFE Awards May 2012

Advisor of the Year Karena Hooks
Faculty of the Year Owen Owens
Staff of the Year Hajer Al Faham
Outstanding Student Leader Irina Siliverstova
Distinguished Student Service Award Gwen Ewasko
Club of the Year MEChA
Club Member of the Year Firda Herryanddhy
EvCC Event of the Year The Annual 1st Nations Club Hibulb Pow Wow

Student LIFE Awards May 2011

Advisors of the Year Jessica Cain & Paul Marshall
Faculty of the Year Christine Malone & Candace Whedon
Staff of the Year Matt Koenigs
Outstanding Student Leader Theresa Jaramillo & Minh Le
Distinguished Student Service Award Louis Harris, Milissa Simmons & Yuka Yoshida
Club of the Year Black Student Union
Organization of the Year United Nakama for Japan
Club Member of the Year Nafeesa Imtiaz
EvCC Event of the Year Safe Zone Committee Lecture: Thou Shall Not Love