EvCC Lean Events

What can Lean do for you?

Lean gives departments tools to empower employees, standardizes processes, and streamlines efficiency. Enabling employees to strive for a common goal or purpose is one of the many benefits of implementing Lean processes in your department.

In addition to providing tools for success, Lean gives departments an opportunity to evaluate processes from a new perspective. Participating in a Lean event allows employees to see the delays in process time, dysfunctional practices in processes, and even improper layout and structure of an office. Lean offers a way to simplify and organize processes to reach peak efficiency.

Staff who participate in Lean are able to explore opportunities and options for their departments in new and different ways.

"(Lean) empowered the staff to look at even other things that they might be able to do that could create efficiencies...it changed the way everybody looked at their job. It wasn't about coming and doing the same old thing the same old way, it was really about refocusing...it's been a very positive impact in creating a positive work environment for the staff." - Sandra Fowler-Hill, Executive Vice President of Instruction and Student Services

Managers and supervisors have a chance to see empowered staff in action, taking time to work on process improvement through Lean.

"(Managers) were included as part of the process...on the periphery...I liked that, because of the fact that it empowered staff to really take ownership on the place they work at on a daily basis, and be a part of that decision-making process. You know, we get to do it on a daily basis, but we really rely on the input that staff has to streamline things." - Laurie Franklin, Dean of Enrollment and Student Financial Services

Departments are able to utilize structure and constructive criticism in order to facilitate change in their areas, while keeping consistent with processes.

Lean at EvCC