EvCC Lean Event - Nursing Application

Dates: June 24, 2013 to May 1, 2016

Facilitators: Lisa Fritch

Leadership Team: Kathleen Watson, Associate Dean of Nursing

Participants: Dawn Richards, Bonnie January, Sarah Damp

Kaizen Team: Dawn Richards, Kimberly Crombie, William Frankhouser, Manfred Ehrlich, Kathleen Watson, Jeremy Brock


  • Reduce document “touches”.
  • Determine how the process will interface with the outside company that will be contracted to perform background and immunization checks.
  • Utilize electronic processes to increase accuracy and availability of student information to staff and students.
  • Define clear requirements and ensure entry process is transparent to students and staff.
  • Students who complete application requirements will be able to monitor their application status throughout the screening process.
  • Set standards and communicate process change to students to create trust and less frustration to students.
  • Enhance the level of customer satisfaction by providing nursing program staff with the tools necessary to meet student needs and expectations.

Work Plan (Outcome):