Disruptive Innovation Mentoring Resources

As disruptive innovators, we know and understand the value and importance of resources. Here are some of our top recommended books to utilize regarding Mentoring: 

  • Transformative Conversations: a guide to mentoring communities among colleagues in higher education
    Felten, Bauman, Kheriaty, Taylor
    ISBN 978-1-118-28827
  • The Mentoring Continuum: from graduate school through tenure
    Edited by Glenn Wright
    ISBN 9780977784769
  • The Mentor's Guide: Facilitating effective learning relationships
    Lois Zachary
    ISBN 9780470907726
  • The Mentee's Guide
    Lois Zachary
    ISBN 978-0470343586
  • Creating a Mentoring Culture
    Lois Zachary
    ISBN 978-0787964016
  • Instructional Coaching
    Jim Knight
    ISBN 9781412927246
  • Unmistakable Impact
    Jim Knight
    ISBN 9781412981774
  • Coaching Approaches and Perspectives
    Jim Knight
    ISBN 978141296925

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