PaperCut Print Management

EvCC has begun a metering system for student printing, joining the effort to reduce printing at state agencies by 30%. Students get a $21 printing credit - equal to 350 pages of black and white printing each quarter. A black and white print will deduct 6 cents from their credit balance, and a color print will deduct 12 cents. Students are responsible for budgeting their printing credits.

Balances will always be a dollar amount, because we offer both color and black and white printing. Students need to divide their balance by .06 or .12 to see how many black and white or color pages they can print. Think of this as a debit system.

PaperCut summaryQ: Can I use credits from a previous quarter?
A: Unfortunately no. These dollar amounts are not transferable between quarters. Unused balances will zero-out at the end of the quarter. Unused print balances can not be refunded.

Q: Isn't student printing funded by the e-Tech fee?
A: No. E-Tech funds help to buy new technology for students, but not student printing.

Q: PaperCut shows I have a balance. Do I owe anything?
A: No. It shows how much print capacity you have. It is not a bill.

PaperCut giftQ: I don't print much. Can I give credits to a someone?
A: Yes, using the desktop icon or the web interface. See a lab aid for help.

Q: Does duplex (double-sided printing) count as one page?
A: It counts as two because of the toner and printer wear and tear. We encourage duplex printing just to save a tree or two.

PaperCut loginQ: Can I monitor my printing during the quarter?
A: Yes. You must be on campus to log in. Go to Lock Icon and log in with your network account ID and password. You can also monitor your activity via the desktop icon.


PaperCut job logQ: I don't see the desktop icon. Where is it?
A: The icon shows only after the first time you send a print job during the quarter. After that, it shows up in the upper right of your desktop.

Q: If I'm at home, can I see what my balance is?
A: No. You need to be on campus to log in to PaperCut and see how much printing credit you have left.

Q: Where can I go to learn more about student printing?
A: Go to the student printing resource page for more information.