About the New EvCC Website

Responding to the need for improved features, easier use on mobile devices, cost saving, and easier upgrades, Everett Community College launched its new web site and structure on February 17, 2014. Completely rebuilt from the ground up using the open source Drupal structure, the site gives you a number of new and improved features.

  • Streamlined design allows you to find what you want faster and avoids unwanted clutter.
  • Improved search engine is both faster and more accurate than the old site.
  • New menus under "I Want To:" get you to the 17 most-visited pages from the front page in one click.
  • Tablets, Phones, and Mobile Devices will see the website resize automatically to best fit their screen.
  • Web editors have a much simpler and more robust way to update and maintain the information on their pages.
  • Real-time error checking immediately alerts editors to incorrect links on their pages.

Moving to Drupal also means that the College is saving the yearly licensing cost of the old editor, and improvements and updates to the features on the website can be made continuously without having to purchase upgrades to new software.

Being an open-source program, Drupal is constantly having new improvements and features made available for free from thousands of developers worldwide and it allows EvCC developers to custom-build applications to improve the website. None of this was possible with a program that was purchased as-is from a vendor.

We hope that you find the improvements to the website make it easier and faster to find more of what you are looking for at EvCC!

If you encounter web errors or issues, please contact Help Desk or email helpdesk@everettcc.edu