Status of Safety on Campus

The Everett Community College campus is relatively safe. Crimes against person are extremely rare; however, property crimes continue to concern the campus community.

How to report emergencies, crimes or criminal activity:

To report an emergency, a crime or criminal activity on campus, call the Security Office. Everett Community College Security Officers will respond to all reports of emergencies, crimes and/or criminal activity. Officers will complete an "Incident Report" for any crime occurring on Everett Community College property. Reports are confidential within the guidelines established by the General Education Provisions Act (Buckley Amendment) and the Campus Security Act (amended 1998). As a service to the Everett Community College community, some reports are made available free-of-charge to a complainant to assist him or her in filing an insurance claim.

Crime reports may be made at any time between the hours of 7 AM and 12 midnight, 365 days a year. REMEMBER - prompt reporting greatly improves campus safety and security.

Call Campus Safety if:

  • Someone is injured or ill;
  • You see fire or smell smoke;
  • You see anything suspicious;
  • Someone is hurting another person;
  • You see someone stealing something;
  • You have something stolen;
  • You see some forcing entry into a building or vehicle.
  • Call quickly. Don't assume someone else will or has made the call. Try to provide the Security personnel with accurate, detailed information about the problem. Stay on the phone until the Security personnel say it's okay to hang-up. Depending upon the type of emergency, the Security personnel may also request assistance from the appropriate law enforcement agency and/or the fire service and ambulance.

The Campus Safety, Security and Traffic Office may be reached by calling:

  • 9-9-9-8 (From on campus, office phones) for emergency assistance.
  • 9-9-9-0 (From on-campus, office phones) for non-emergency assistance.
  • 9-1-1 (From on-campus phones) for emergency assistance when Everett Community College Security is not available or the situation warrants an immediate law enforcement/ medical/ fire service response to campus