Ethnic/Gender/LGBTQA Clubs

Women's, ethnic, and gay/lesbian student clubs are invited and encouraged to meet in the Club Resource Center Parks 204. The following clubs are active at EvCC:


The Black Student Union is a support organization for students seeking cultural, academic and intellectual advancement, and to educate ourselves and other of the positive contributions and accomplishments of African Americans.
Meets:  Wednesday at 2:30p.m. in the O D & E Conference room, Parks Student Union 3rd floor
Advisor: Jerod Grant, 425-388-9040


The missions of MEChA (Movemiento Estudiantel Chaicano/a de Aztlan) is to empower all Latino/a’s and promote cultural identity through education, advocacy, mentoring and outreach.
Meets:  Thursdays at 12:20 p.m. in the Student Resource Conference Room, behind the Paperclip.

International Club:

The International Club is a club for all students! If you are an international student, or just interested in different countries and cultures, please consider joining this exciting club.
Meets:  Contact Advisor for More Information
Advisors: Adja Fame and Ariana Stafford

Iwi Pono Student Society:

The Iwi Pono Club is comprised of Hawaiian and non Hawaiian student alike to share and foster the Hawaiian culture and Aloha Spirit at EvCC. Crafts, mele (songs), hula and love for the islands are the common threads of this club.
Meets: Tuesday, 2 p.m., in the O D & E Conference Room, 3rd floor, Parks Student Union.
Advisors: Laurie Franklin


The goal of APSU is to organize and conduct activities related to Asian Culture such as artist exhibitions and lectures, promoting awareness and pride in our ethnic identities. 
Meets:  Wednesday, 2 pm, GWH Room 278
Advisor: Marriane Le

Triangle Alliance:

A student club for lesbian, gay bisexual transgendered/queer gendered student and the allies.
Meets:  Thursday, GWH 370, 1:30 – 2:30 p.m.
Advisor: Richelle Blair 


(Serving Parents with Limited-Incomes for College Education) is a service club that promotes unity and support among nontraditional students, encouraging goal attainment and providing social, as well as other services. A winter holiday party for the children of low-income students is held annually, in addition to other family-oriented activities.
Meets:  Tuesday, 1 p.m., Student Resource Center Conference Room. Parks 2nd floor, behind Paper Clip
Advisor: Ronda Hansen


(Empowerment Means Political Organization for Women’s Rights) is a student organization whose mission is to promote political education, awareness and participation on women’s issues with a particular focus on welfare reform, childcare, and health care issues and other issues of concern to student parents.
Meets: Contact Advisor for More Information

1st Nations Student Club:

Student organization that promotes unit among the various American Native Tribes and the Alaska Native groups at EvCC and the community. This club strives to provide a support base to attain personal, education and community goals as well as enrich each member’s knowledge of tribal customs and beliefs, and provide other services when possible. 
Meets:   Fridays, 3 p.m. in the O D & E Conference Room, 3rd floor Parks Student Union.
Advisor: Paula Three Stars