Team Members

NOTE: Listed on this page are the teams that helped with the process of developing the strategic plan. 

Strategic Planning Council

John Bonner, Co-chair EvCC, Corporate & Continuing Education Center
Bev Farb, Co-chair EvCC, Faculty, Sociology
Heather Bennett EvCC, Instit. Effectiveness, Achieving the Dream
Robb Clarke Boeing
Sheila Dunn EvCC, East County Campus
Karena Hooks EvCC, Outreach & Diversity
Christine Kerlin EvCC, University Center of North Puget Sound
Joiwyn Lewis EvCC, Student Senator
Catherine Matthews Everett Public Schools
Gail McClean EvCC, Faculty, Nursing
Deborah Parker Tulalip Tribes
Max Phipps EvCC, WFSE Union
Patrick Pierce Economic Alliance of Snohomish County
Elliot Stern EvCC, WFT Union
Kathryn Wyatt Boeing

Environmental Scanning Task Force

Christine Kerlin, Chair EvCC, University Center of North Puget Sound
Samantha Brown Workforce Development Council - Snohomish County
Darryl Dieter EvCC, Institutional Research
Allison Larson Everett Public Schools
Gary Newlin EvCC, Faculty, English
Anneliese Vance-Sherman Employment Security Department
Sharon Wellman EvCC, Tutoring Ctr./Sr. Assoc. Faculty

Stakeholder Review Team

Sue Ambler Workforce Development Council - Snohomish County
Tom Gaffney Chair, Board of Directors, Providence Regional Medical Center
Melanie Jordan Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance
Pat McClain City of Everett
Paul Pitre Washington State University
Robert Reese Volunteers of America - Snohomish County