EvCC3060: Drug-Free Campus Policy

Original Date:   September 12, 1990
Policy Contact:    VP Administrative Services


WHEREAS, it is the responsibility of the College to provide a safe and healthy educational/work environment; and

WHEREAS, a motivated and healthy work force/student body is the College's greatest asset; and

WHEREAS, it is essential that all employees/students report to work/class both mentally and physically able to perform their duties/learning in a satisfactory manner; and

WHEREAS, the experience of business and industry has demonstrated the negative effects of alcohol and other drugs on the individual employee/student, his or her co-workers/fellow students, and productivity itself; and

WHEREAS, the costs to employers associated with the abuse of alcohol and other drugs includes four times the likelihood of accidents; three times the average health care costs; and increased absenteeism and turnover costs;

NOW, THEREFORE the following policy is declared for Everett Community College for the maintenance of a drug-free campus:

All employees/students who report to work/class must be in a condition fit to perform their duties/learning, unimpaired due to the use of alcohol or other drugs.

The unlawful use, possession, delivery, dispensation, distribution, manufacture or sale of drugs on College property, in state vehicles or on official business is prohibited. Documented evidence of illegal drug involvement will be given to law enforcement agencies.

The possession of alcohol by an employee or student is prohibited on college property and in state vehicles.

Employees representing the College at official functions should exercise prudence in consuming alcohol.

Employees taking physician-prescribed or over-the-counter medications, if there is a substantial likelihood that such medication will affect job safety, must notify their supervisor or other designated official of the fact that they are taking a medication and the side effects of the medication.

Any employee or student found in violation of this policy will be subject to formal disciplinary action, which could include completion of an appropriate rehabilitation program up to and/or including dismissal/expulsion.
Employees needing assistance with problems related to alcohol or drug abuse are encouraged to seek assistance utilizing employee medical insurance programs. Students are encouraged to seek referral assistance from the College's Student Development Center and/or appropriate off campus substance abuse agencies.

The College will continue to comply with the Federal Drug-Free Work Place Act of 1988 and the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act Amendments of 1989.

  1. Employees must, as a condition of continued employment, notify the Director of Human Resources of any criminal drug statute conviction for a violation occurring during the course of the employee's work duties no later than five (5) days after such conviction.
  2. Students must report any such conviction to the Dean of Students within five (5) days after such conviction. Students may lose federal funding as well as be subject to the student disciplinary process.
  3. Everett Community College will report the conviction to the appropriate federal or state agency within ten (10) days after having received notice that a person employed under a federally funded grant or contract or receiving grant funds has any drug statute conviction occurring on the campus.

All employees and students, regardless of status, shall comply with this policy regarding a Drug-Free Campus.

Board of Trustees

September 12, 1990

March 22, 1995