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Men's Track Spring 2015

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Men's Track Spring 2014

Week #11 (5/10 - 5/15/14)

  • Thomas Sutherland (Clackamas, Sophomore)
    -- Event: 100m; Mark: 10.86, Event: 200m; Mark: 21.67, Event: 4x100m Relay; Mark: 42.01 at NWAACC Southern Region Championships
    Nominator Comments:
    • "Won all of his events."

Week #10 (5/3 - 5/8/14)

  • Rohan Cain (Lane, Freshman)
    -- Event: 200m; Mark: 22.11, Event: 400m; Mark: 48.87 at OSU High Performance
    Nominator Comments:
    • "Terrific double! NWAACC-leading 400 mark, also third leg of NWAACC-leading 4x100 mark 41.94"

Week #9 (4/26 - 5/2/14)

  • Anteneh Woticha (Clark, Freshman)
    -- Event: 5,000m; Mark: 15:20.02, Event: 800m; Mark: 1:56.51 at Titan Invitational
    Nominator Comments:
    • "Anteneh ran an amazing double, running the 800m in 1:56.51 and then coming back one hour later with a 15:20.02 in the 5k. Probably one of the best doubles in Clark College history."

Week #8 (4/19 - 4/24/14)

  • Thomas Sutherland (Clackamas, Sophomore)
    -- Event: 100m; Mark: 10.80, Event: 200m; Mark: 21.80, Event: 4x100m Relay; Mark: 42.19, Event: 4x400m Relay; Mark: 3:17.67 at Oregon Relays
    Nominator Comments:
    • "Very solid performances for all of his events. The relays he ran on now lead the conference."

Week #7 (4/12 - 4/17/14)

  • Sean McGetrick (Lane, Sophomore)
    -- Event: 110m Hurdles; Mark: 14.67, Event: 110m Hurdles; Mark: 14.62, Event: 400m Hurdles; Mark: 56.21 at Chico Twilight
    Nominator Comments:
    • "Had a same day prelim and final in 110HH where he had lifetime bests in each consecutive race."

Week #6 (4/5 - 4/10/14)

  • Aric Walden (Spokane, Sophomore)
    -- Event: 110m Hurdles; Mark: 14.31, Event: 4x100m Relay; Mark: 42.30 at Sam Adams Classic
    Nominators' Comments:
    • "Aric's 110m hurdle time is only 8 hundredths off the Spokane school record. He also ran the anchor leg of the first 4x100 relay of the season which leads the NWAACC."
    • "Very fast time."

Week #5 (3/29 - 4/3/14)

  • Paris Speidel (Spokane, Freshman)
    -- Event: 800m; Mark: 1:54.76 at Willamette Invitational
    Nominators' Comments:
    • "In what can only be described as un-ideal conditions (heavy winds and rain), Paris ran virtually even splits against mostly 4-year competitors, had a season best and was the top finisher for the day!"
    • "Great win! Great time!"

Week #4 (3/22 - 3/27/14)

  • Jonathan Cornish (Lane, Freshman)
    -- Event: 1,500m; Mark: 3:59.22 at Oregon Preview
    Nominator Comments:
    • "Lifetime best in his first 1500 of the year. NWAACC leader."

Week #3 (3/15 - 3/20/14)

  • Kolton Williams (Treasure Valley, Sophomore)
    -- Event: 10,000m; Mark: 32:45 at Mt. Hood Open
    Nominator Comments:
    • "Had a plan and stuck with it. Led the race from start to finish."

Week #2 (3/8 - 3/13/14)

  • Tremaine Rambo (Clark, Freshman)
    -- Event: 800m; Mark: 1:56.64 at OSU Invitational
    Nominator Comments:
    • "Wow! Running fast for the second meet of the season."

Week #1 (3/1 - 3/6/14)

  • Kevin Washington (Clark, Freshman)
    -- Event: 100m; Mark: 10.87 at Linfield Erik Anderson Icebreaker
    Nominators' Comments:
    • "Kevin ran alone on a day that saw the second fastest 100m runner finish in 11.22. The conditions were wet and cold, but did not faze him."
    • "Very fast time . . . especially this early and in the wet and cold."
Men's Track Spring 2013

Week #11 (5/12 - 5/18/13)

  • Jemiel Lowery (Lane, Sophomore)
    -- Event: 100m; Mark: 10.59, Event: 200m; Mark: 21.88, Event: 4x100m Relay; Mark: 42.51, Event: 4x400m Relay; Mark: 3:21.40 at NWAACC Southern Region Championship
    Nominator Comments:
    • "Jemiel had a superb day, sprinting to a 100m lifetime best of 10.59 (ranks 2nd all-time at Lane). Also won the 200 and was a huge contributor in both winning relays."

Week #10 (5/5 - 5/11/13)

  • Nate Starr (Everett, Freshman)
    -- Event: 5,000m; Mark: 15:34.29 at UW Ken Shannon
    Nominator Comments:
    • "With strong home stretch winds, in direct sun on the hottest day of the spring... and, most significantly on a new track that was mis-poured and as a result is in spots the softest I've ever felt (it will be completely re-surfaced before next year)... well, despite all of this, Nate posted the NWAACC's #2 time and had a great race in his first ever 5k on the track."

Week #9 (4/28 - 5/4/13)

  • Jamiel Lowery (Lane, Sophomore)
    -- Event: 100m; Mark: 10.80, Event: 200m; Mark: 22.28 at Titan Twilight
    Nominator Comments:
    • "Lifetime bests! Leads the NWAACC in 100m. Also provided outstanding relay legs, 49 split."

Week #8 (4/19 - 4/25/13)

  • Austin Collins (Clackamas, Sophomore)
    -- Event: 800m; Mark: 1:50.84 at Oregon Relays
    Nominators' Comments:
    • "Fourth-ranked 800m time in U.S. community college rankings."
    • "He broke our school record in the 800 in this race and then came back with a 49.8 relay leg."

Week #7 (4/12 - 4/18/13)

  • Devonte Woods (Green River, Freshman)
    -- Event: 100m; Mark: 11.30, Event: 200m; Mark: 22.70 at WWU Ralph Vernacchia Team Track & Field Meet
    Nominator Comments:
    • "Nice PR's in the same meet."

Week #6 (4/5 - 4/11/13)

  • Sean McGetrick (Lane, Freshman)
    -- Event: 110m Hurdles; Mark: 15.31, Event: 400m Hurdles; Mark: 56.13 at Linfield Jenn Boyman Invitational
    Nominator Comments:
    • "Double winner, NWAACC-leading times!!!"

Week #5 (3/29 - 4/4/13)

  • Kyle Morriss (Green River, Freshman)
    -- Event: 200m; Mark: 23.49, Event: 400m; Mark: 50.75 at Club Northwest Spring Break Open
    Nominators' Comments:
    • "An impressive showing by Kyle who took 3rd in the 400m at the Club Northwest Spring Break Open."
    • "Kyle had a good start to his college career placing 3rd overall with a 50.75."

Week #4 (3/22 - 3/28/13)

  • Brad Prettyman (Clackamas, Sophomore)
    -- Event: 5,000m; Mark: 15:09 at Lewis & Clark Invite
    Nominators' Comments:
    • "This was a 36 second lifetime PR."
    • "Did not see the race, but nonetheless, 15:09 jumped off the page!"
    • "The time to beat thus far! Great effort."

Week #3 (3/15 - 3/21/13)

  • Joe Hennricks (Lane, Sophomore)
    -- Event: 400m; Mark: 49.53 at Oregon Preview
    Nominators' Comments:
    • "Very good early season mark."
    • "Lifetime best in his first 400 of the season. Also led off the men's 4x400 team. If you were watching this race, you might recall his opening leg, he closed very hard in a 49 flat lead-off leg."

Week #2 (3/8 - 3/14/13)

  • Nick Knoblich (Green River, Freshman)
    -- Event: 10,000m; Mark: 34:37 at PLU Invite
    Nominator Comments:
    • "Nick ran an NWAACC-qualifying time in his first college meet."

Week #1 (3/1 - 3/7/13)

  • Houston Horner (Treasure Valley, Freshman)
    -- Event: 10,000m; Mark: 33:11.71 at Erik Anderson Linfield Icebreaker
    Nominator Comments:
    • "An NWAACC qualifier and the only community college finisher in the top 20."
Men's Track Spring 2012

Week #11 (5/11 - 5/17/12)

  • Elias Gedyon (Lane, Freshman)
    -- Event: 1,500m; Mark: 3:54.63, Event: 800m; Mark: 1:52.37 at NWAACC Southern Region Championships
    Nominator Comments:
    • "Ran away from the field with a lap to go in the 1500m and came back to run a very competitive 800m, right near his lifetime best!"
  • Robert Hanke (Mt. Hood, Sophomore)
    -- Event: 110m Hurdles; Mark: 16.45, Event: 400m; Mark: 51.80, Event: 400m Hurdles; Mark: 54.73 (Southern Region Champion), Event: 4x400m Relay; Mark: 3:27.76 at 2012 Southern Region Championships
    Nominator Comments:
    • "Ran from behind to close strong and win the 400m Intermediate Hurdles (2nd in NWAACC now). Ran 3 strong laps throughout the meet with the 400m, 400mH and the mile relay where he ran a 49.7 split."

Week #10 (5/4 - 5/10/12)

  • Branden Helms (Lane, Freshman)
    -- Event: 100m; Mark: 10.79, Event: 200m; Mark: 21.78, Event: 4x100m Relay; Mark: 41.89 at Oregon Twilight
    Nominator Comments:
    • "NWAACC leading marks in the 100, 200 and 4x100m relay."

Week #9 (4/27 - 5/3/12)

  • Gage Donovan (Everett, Freshman)
    -- Event: 100m; Mark: 10.90, Event: Long Jump; Mark: 6.89m at St. Martin's Invite
    Nominators' Comments:
    • "Impressive athlete!"
    • "Gage won the 100m and LJ at the St. Martin's Invite while also running a leg on the school's 2nd place 4x100m Relay and placing 8th in the Triple Jump."

Week #8 (4/20 - 4/26/12)

  • Branden Helms (Lane, Freshman)
    -- Event: 100m; Mark: 10.91, Event: 200m; Mark: 21.79, Event: 4x100m Relay; Mark: 42.35 at Oregon Relays
    Nominators' Comments:
    • "Won his 100m heat in league-leading time and followed up with a 200m season best of 21.79! Also anchored our 4x100 to a league-leading time, taking the baton in fourth position and moving us up to second."

Week #7 (4/13 - 4/19/12)

  • Jorge Gil-Juarez (Clackamas, Freshman)
    -- Event: 3,000m Steeplechase; Mark: 9:21.26 at John Knight Twilight
    Nominator Comments:
    • "Fantastic mark in his first 3k steeple. 33 second lead on the rest of the field."

Week #6 (4/6 - 4/12/12)

  • Jeff Cottrell (Spokane, Freshman)
    -- Event: 800m; Mark: 1:52.77 at WAR V Scoring Clash
    Nominator Comments:
    • "Jeff ran a 3-second PR on Saturday to take the conference lead in men's 800m. He was a 2:00 high school competitor."

Week #5 (3/30 - 4/5/12)

  • Zach Lujan (Treasure Valley, Freshman)
    -- Event: 400m; Mark: 49.69 at Idaho Cup
    Nominator Comments:

Week #4 (3/23 - 3/29/12)

  • Kennedy Sarmiento (Spokane, Sophomore)
    -- Event: 400m; Mark: 51.95, Event: 400m Hurdles; Mark: 56.25 at Whitworth Buc Invitational
    Nominator Comments:
    • "Kennedy ran a lifetime PR in the 400m hurdles. He ran three 400s that day over a period of 3 1/2 hours including the open and relay races in addition to his winning hurdles race."
  • Maurice Enis (Olympic, Freshman)
    -- Event: 200m; Mark: 22.81, Event: 400m; Mark: 51.50 at Peyton Invitational, University of Puget Sound
    Nominator Comments:
    • "Great double and times!"

Week #3 (3/16 - 3/22/12)

  • Badane Sultessa (Clackamas, Freshman)
    -- Event: 1,500m; Mark: 4:04, Event: 800m; Mark: 1:55 at Oregon Preview
    Nominator Comments:
    • "Great double in cold, snowy, windy, rainy conditions at the Oregon Preview."

Week #2 (3/9 - 3/15/12)

  • Douglas Sudberry (Mt. Hood, Freshman)
    -- Event: 100m; Mark: 11.16, Event: 200m; Mark: 23.11 at Saints Open
    Nominators' Comments:
    • "Won the 100m and was 4th in the 200m."
    • "Great time!"
  • Keefe Hanson (Everett, Sophomore)
    -- Event: 3,000m Steeplechase; Mark: 10:05.21 at PLU Invitational
    Nominator Comments:

Week #1 (3/2 - 3/8/12)

  • Rey Celestino (Treasure Valley, Sophomore)
    -- Event: 10,000m; Mark: 34:22 at Linfield Ice Breaker
    Nominator Comments:
    • "First 10K on the track, and he hit the qualifying mark."
Men's Track Spring 2011

Week #11 (5/13 - 5/19/11)

  • James Ratliff (Clackamas, Sophomore)
    -- Event: 110m Hurdles; Mark: 15.14, Event: 400m Hurdles; Mark: 54.59, Event: 4x400m Relay; Mark: 3:17.28 at NWAACC Southern Region Championships
    Nominators' Comments:
    • "James won 2 individual events and was on the winning long relay at the Southern Region Championships. He was also high point scorer for the meet with 35."
    • "Southern Region Champion in both hurdle races and contributed to a 4x400m Relay Championship."
    • "Gets better every week!"

Week #10 (5/6 - 5/12/11)

  • Taylor Hughes (Green River, Freshman)
    -- Event: 800m; Mark: 1:53.84 at UW Ken Shannon
    Nominator Comments:
    • "A very impressive performance from Taylor!"

Week #9 (4/29 - 5/5/11)

  • Brad Prettyman (Clackamas, Freshman)
    -- Event: 3,000m Steeplechase; Mark: 9:47 at Pacific Twilight
    Nominator Comments:
    • "33 second lifetime PR to lead the conference."

Week #8 (4/22 - 4/28/11)

  • Taylor Hughes (Green River, Freshman)
    -- Event: 800m; Mark: 1:55.14 at Oregon Relays
    Nominator Comments:
    • "Taylor ran a great race to win the B section 800m at the Oregon Relays."

Week #7 (4/15 - 4/21/11)

  • Kevin James (Southwestern Oregon, Sophomore)
    -- Event: 110m Hurdles; Mark: 15.48 at Lewis and Clark Invite
    Nominator Comments:
    • "Good performance, 2nd in the hurdles."

Week #6 (4/8 - 4/14/11)

  • Dusty Jarvis (Lane, Sophomore)
    -- Event: 100m; Mark: 10.98, Event: 200m; Mark: 22.31 at Chico Twlilight
    Nominator Comments:
    • "Solid sprint double! NWAACC 100m best. Personal collegiate best in 200m."

Week #5 (4/1 - 4/7/11)

  • Chris Stubbs (Lane, Sophomore)
    -- Event: 400m; Mark: 48.29 at Willamette Invite
    Nominators' Comments:
    • "Great time for this time of year and made winning look easy."

Week #4 (3/25 - 3/31/11)

  • Seth Pierson (Everett, Sophomore)
    -- Event: 800m; Mark: 1:54.88 at CNW Spring Break Open
    Nominator Comments:
    • "Another strong performance from Pierson to follow up his 3:52 1500m performance from the previous weekend."

Week #3 (3/18 - 3/24/11)

  • Zach Young (Mt. Hood, Sophomore)
    -- Event: 400m Hurdles; Mark: 53.05, Event: 4x100m Relay; Mark: 42.48 at Oregon Preview
    Nominators' Comments:
    • "Ran a HUGE 400m Hurdles race. Raced to win the race (missing first by 0.01 seconds) and ran a monster PR."
    • "Amazing race for this early in the year. [Of course I'm a bit biased as I once held the Oregon Preview meet record in this event 52.19 ...I know, a shameless plug/ I guess the ego needed stroking, sorry.] But seriously, I haven't seen those kind of numbers in this league in March in a long time. Congrats Zach!"

Week #2 (3/11 - 3/17/11)

  • Chris Zeller (Mt. Hood, Sophomore)
    -- Event: 400m; Mark: 49.07 at Pacific Preview
    Nominator Comments:
    • "Zeller is stellar with great Open 400m time."

Week #1 (3/4 - 3/10/11)

  • Zach Young (Mt. Hood, Sophomore)
    -- Event: 110m Hurdles; Mark: 16.14, Event: 400m Hurdles; Mark: 55.42, Event: 4x100m Relay; Mark: 42.55 at Linfield Icebreaker
    Nominators' Comments:
    • "Zach ran an explosive 1st leg of the winning 4x100m Relay, did okay in the 110HH then ran very well in the 400 Intermediate Hurdles."
    • "1st CC finisher in 110 hurdles, crazy fast 400 hurdles to win the race, and part of fast winning 4x100 relay."
    • "Zack won the 400m hurdles and posted a very nice mark in the 110's as well; a very nice opener for this young man."

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