Possession Sound Writers: Marine Science, Poetry, & the Art of Science Photography

Recently featured at the Seattle Aquarium, Adam Summers’ stunning photographs of the inner life of fish were accompanied by the evocative, marine science-inspired poetry of Sierra Nelson. Both presenters will be on hand to discuss the intersections of poetry, art, and science, and share their images and findings.

Sierra Nelson is a poet, teacher, performer, collaborator, & armchair aquanaut. Founder of the Cephalopod Appreciation Society, her poetic interest include a deep love of marine science. Recent books include a lyrical choose-your-own-adventure collaboration with visual artist Loren Erdrich, titled I Take Back the Sponge Cake (Rose Metal Press, 2012), and the chapbook In Case of Loss (Toadlily Press, 2012). She is the most recent winner of the Carolyn Kizer Prize from Poetry Northwest.

Adam Summers is Associate Professor of Biology at the University of Washington’s School of Aquatic & Fishery Sciences and Associate Director of the UW’s Friday Harbor Laboratories on San Juan Island. He has many collaborative projects on a variety of vertebrate taxa, including reptiles, amphibians, bony fishes, and cartilaginous fishes.  His main research program is in understanding the effects of material properties on the form and function of organisms.

FREE and OPEN to the PUBLIC  Made possible by the generosity of The Everett Community College Foundation and the Everett Cultural Arts Commission. For more information contact Kevin Craft / Possession Sound Writers / 425-388-9395 or visit the PSW website

ORCA Laboratory, 1205 Craftsman Way, Ste 203, Everett
Wednesday, May 21, 2014 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm