SWE Presents: Tech Talk - User Research: The Key to Making Technology Easy to Use

May Tech Talk: User Research: The Key to Making Technology Easy to Use
Presented by: Lindsey Berdan, User Interaction Designer, Stratos Product Development

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Translating technical expertise into “user-friendly” products starts with user research. Great products come from having a deep understanding of the end-user’s behaviors, needs and goals, and this is accomplished by observing and interviewing end-users in the context of their work. The needs and goals of the user are then translated into product requirements and the behavior of the end users informs the analysis of risk. In this discussion we will take a look at what distinguishes user research from market research, best practices in user research, how user research can inform both marketing and product requirement documents, and how all of these steps result in products that make technology truly user-friendly.

Lindsey has spent her 8 years in product development focused on user-centered design practices and usability for hardware and devices. Her experience in design research spans traditional contextual inquiry, formal usability studies and low to high fidelity prototyping for formative design research. As an interaction designer Lindsey leads teams in a holistic approach to the design of user experiences. She has leveraged the tools of user-personas and use-scenarios to help product development teams clarify goals, inform user requirements and reduce risk in the product development process. Lindsey has worked closely with product planners, program managers and other key stakeholders at all levels within both large corporations and small startups. She has significant experience working collaboratively with industrial designers and software engineers, in person and remotely, to design, test and implement user interface concepts.  In addition to her primary expertise in user research and interaction design, Lindsey has experience in leading design studio workshops and working on the collaborative development of best practices in user experience design. Lindsey’s practice of facilitating focused brainstorming workshops with engineers, designers, marketing managers and technical experts has led to design breakthroughs and accelerated product development schedules. Lindsey also regularly speaks on the topic of user interaction design at local universities, professional meetings and industry conferences. She is frequently consulted for her expertise in usability engineering, user centered design and hardware user interfaces. Lindsey holds a BFA in Industrial Design and a certificate in User Centered Design from the University of Washington.

Whitehorse 105
Thursday, May 8, 2014 - 5:30pm to 8:00pm