Pride Week Event: Safe Zone & Pride Center B-Day Celebration

Pride Week - Celebrating EvCC's LGBTQIA+ Community!


Oct. 10 -Tuesday
1:30-2:30pm @ Jackson Center
Terrance Clemmons - Overcoming Adversity As An LGBTQ Athlete

Oct. 11 - Wednesday
12-1pm @ Parks Cafe
National Coming Out Day - Celebrate & Share Your Story!

Oct. 12 - Thursday
10am-1pm @ Parks Student Union
Cupcakes & Conversation - Safe Zone & Pride Center B-Day!


Safe Zone & Pride Center Birthday Celebration

You’re invited to celebrate the birthday of both the Safe Zone and the Pride Center. The Safe Zone program on our campus will be turning 17 years old, and the Pride Center will be turning 2!

The Safe Zone committee at EvCC was founded in December of 2000; it supports LGBTQIA+ members of Everett Community College and its community, and it provides a safe, welcoming environment for them. Displaying the Safe Zone symbol shows support for the community, and communicates that it is safe to talk to the person who displays it. The symbol is also welcoming to LGBTQIA+ members of the community. Countless colleges across the US have Safe Zone committees, and Everett Community College is proud to be one of them.

The Pride Center was created by the Safe Zone and opened October 12 of 2015. It provides a safe space to ask questions, and to feel empowered being yourself. It offers a variety of information and services for LGBTQIA+ students and the community. Our campus is one of the only community colleges in the country to have a Pride Center, and we are very thankful to be able to provide this space to our school.

At the event, there will be many festivities for your enjoyment, including colorful decorations, free rainbow ribbons, and free birthday cupcakes. There will be FREE "Stay Calm and Love Who You Love" t-shirts! For the free cupcake, all we ask for is a friendly conversation with us. There will also be a vegan / gluten free option of cupcake for those who have special dietary requirements. Individuals who attend will have the opportunity to learn about the Safe Zone and the Pride Center, have conversations over cupcakes, and receive some awesome gear to represent and support the community.

For more info please contact Student LIFE adviser, Lindsay Hudson, at (425) 388-9508.

Parks Student Union, Second Floor
Thursday, October 12, 2017 - 10:00am to 1:00pm