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Faculty Advisors:

A. Cahan

M. Nevins

S. Wellman

H. Weiss-Green

K. Bolan

MATH 092 - Elementary and Intermediate Algebra II

Second quarter of a two quarter sequence covering topics from beginning and intermediate algebra for qualified students who have completed beginning algebra and need to review and extend their skills. Topics include: rational expressions with equations and applications, functional notation, fractional exponents, radical expressions, radical equations with applications, complex numbers, quadratic equations and equations in quadratic form with applications, quadratic functions and graphs, exponential and logarithmic expressions, exponential and logarithmic equations with applications. Assesses Core Learning Outcome 2. Prerequisites:  Completion of MATH 091 with a C (2.0) or higher OR permission of a math instructor.


  • AAS - DTA code (if applicable)
  • C - Communication Skills
  • NS - Natural Science
  • H - Humanities
  • R - Human Relations
  • SS - Social Sciences
  • NS-L - Natural Science Lab
  • Q - Quantitative Skills
  • TE - Transfer Elective (A list)
  • D - Diversity course

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