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Medical Coding

The Medical Coding program utilizes web-based materials used exclusively for the training of medical coders. The program is offered in an online environment, which may be entered at the beginning of any quarter and requires an average of about 35-40 hours of study time per week. The program is self-contained and focuses on providing the training required for the student to obtain an entry-level position as a medical coder. A certificate is awarded upon successful completion of this 37-credit program. Prerequisite: high school diploma or equivalent.

E. Stam

MC 100 - Introduction to the Coding Profession

Introduction to medical coding profession including technology; professional organizations and opportunities; ICD, CPT, and HCPCS coding systems.
MC 105 - Legal Compliance

Legislative and regulatory processes in the United States relating to patient records and health information. Includes HIPAA (Health Insurance Information Portability Accountability Act), standards of ethical coding, and privacy and security policies.
MC 110 - Medical Patient Records

Study of the medical record components, electronic health record, reports, legal issues, and patient document terminology as it relates to reporting medical diagnoses and procedures.
MC 112 - Health Information Management

Study of healthcare delivery systems, data, and use of health information.
MC 115 - Healthcare Reimbursement

Presents information about healthcare facilities, third-party payers, and physicians' roles in medical billing and coding. Federal legislation and claim information is also presented.
MC 120 - Healthcare Vocabulary

Study of vocabulary used in the healthcare office. Concepts of spelling, looking up words, learning root words, prefixes and suffixes, creating plural medical words, understanding the meanings of words, and differentiating between alike words are taught.
MC 122 - Medical Abbreviation

Study of abbreviations used in the medical field to identify diagnoses, procedure, and locations of where treatment was performed. Prerequisites:  MC 120.
MC 130 - Structure and Function of the Human Body I

Study of medical terms as they relate to anatomy basics in the musculoskeletal and digestive systems, general body layout, and disease process. Emphasizes identification and location of musculoskeletal and digestive body parts.
MC 135 - Structure and Function of the Human Body II

Study of medical terms as they relate to the basics of anatomy and physiology in the digestive, respiratory, reproductive, cardiovascular, endocrine, and nervous systems. Emphasizes disease processes of various body systems and parts. Prerequisites:  MC 120, MC 130 with C or higher.
MC 136 - Structure and Function of the Human Body

Study of human body systems with emphasis on terminology used to identify each system in medical reports and patient records. Prerequisites:  MC 120 with C or higher or concurrent enrollment
MC 138 - Pathophysiology

Identification of disease causes and processes as they relate to assigning medical diagnostic and procedural codes. Prerequisites:  MC 120 with grade of C or higher
MC 140 - Basics of Pharmacology

Study of drug categories, classifications, routes of administration, and therapeutic effects. Includes toxicology, immune responses, pain management, poisonings and anesthesia.
MC 145 - Coding with ICD-10 CM/PCS

Identification of disease causes and processes as they relate to assigning medical diagnostic and procedural codes. Prerequisites:  MC 120, MC136, and MC138 (C or higher) or concurrent enrollment in MC138.
MC 148 - Advanced Coding with ICD-10-CM/PCS

Provides practice assigning ICD-10-CM (International Classification of Diseases, Version 10, Current Modification) diagnosis codes and ICD-10-PCS (International Classification of Diseases, Version 10, Procedure Coding System) procedure codes. Prerequisites:  MC145 with C or higher
MC 150 - Principles of Procedural Coding

Prepares students to analyze medical records and accurately assign CPT or HCPCS codes for clinic and hospital visits, medical procedures, and other treatment modalities. Prioritization and determination of level of code assignments are also taught. Prerequisites:  MC 160 with a C or higher.
MC 180 - Medical Coding Practicum

Provides practice in reading healthcare scenarios to assign correct procedural and diagnostic codes. Also helps to prepare students for certification testing. Prerequisites:  MC 140, MC 145, and MC 150 with C or higher; MC 148 with C or higher or concurrent enrollment.


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  • NS-L - Natural Science Lab
  • Q - Quantitative Skills
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