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Human Development

Human Development courses are designed to support students' success in their educational, career and personal development. Human Development courses can be applied toward most transfer degrees as List B: Applied Electives. Contact: Counseling and Career Services, third floor Parks Building, 425-388-9263.

E. Martin

C. Sullivan

D. Skinner

G. Myers

H DEV 095 - College and Career Directions

Examination of next steps in regards to educational and career possibilities. Activities focus on current and future labor market trends, career resources and educational options. Resume and job interviewing skills will be introduced. Class targets pre-college students. Assesses Core Learning Outcome 1.
H DEV 103 - Moving Through Loss and Grief

Moving through a significant loss requires a series of actions and small steps. This class will guide students in this process and help them to discover the strength within themselves to recover. Assesses Core Learning Outcome 3.
H DEV 105 - Overcoming Math Anxiety

Helps students confront math anxiety and develop coping strategies in order to be more successful in mathematics courses. Assesses Core Learning Outcomes 1, 5.
H DEV 110 - Career and Life Planning

Examination of personal career possibilities in the world of work. Activities focus on self-assessment through testing, values clarification, occupational surveys, and identification of strengths. Resume writing and job interviewing skills may be covered. Class composition and need determine which areas instructor emphasizes. Assesses Core Learning Outcomes 1, 2, 3, 5, 6.
H DEV 118 - Orientation to College

Orientation to college for first-time college students. Includes information about college programs, classes, procedures and resources. Designed to enable students to take full advantage of student services and educational opportunities during their college career. Guest lecture format.
H DEV 150 - Transfer Success

Examination of the essential skills and the information needed for preparation to transfer to a four-year university or college. Activities focus on self-assessment in exploring a college major and strategies necessary to transfer. Specific topics will include academic planning and choosing a major, selecting a college, financial aid and scholarship opportunities, networking, the admission process, deadline dates, writing personal statements and other related topics. Assesses Core Learning Outcomes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
H DEV 155 - Human Relations in the Workplace

(R) Principles and techniques for building and maintaining successful relations with co-workers, supervisors, and employees. Includes job beginnings, goal setting, leadership styles, self-motivation, effective communication, and conflict management. * Human Relations (R) -- This course meets the college criteria for fulfillment of the Human Relations requirement in professional/technical programs. Assesses Core Learning Outcomes 2, 3, 4.
H DEV 156 - Stress Management

Helps students become more aware of the sources of stress in their lives, the consequences of stress for the way they think, feel, and act, and methods of reducing and coping with stress. Assesses Core Learning Outcomes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
H DEV 160 - Life Transitions

Foundation of theory and skills for individuals experiencing life transitions. Includes theories of adult development, change and resilience. Introduces skills for managing stress, coping with changes in identity, developing new goals and mobilizing individual and community resources. Assesses Core Learning Outcomes 1, 3.
H DEV 173 - Self-Esteem and Goal Setting

Identify factors that affect self-esteem and explore constructive ways to build positive self-esteem. Students will be encouraged to design and implement a plan to achieve both immediate and long-term goals. Assesses Core Learning Outcome 3.
H DEV 180 - Relating Assertively

Practical application of assertiveness techniques which include improving conversational skills, stating opinions, handling criticism, identifying and sticking to the issue, making requests, and learning to negotiate. Assesses Core Learning Outcome 3.
H DEV 183 - Anger Management

Addresses ways to express anger and respond to frustrating situations in constructive and appropriate ways. Assesses Core Learning Outcome 3.
H DEV 201D - Living and Working in a Diverse Society

Introduction to building and developing skills for living and working within a diverse society. Focus on understanding multiple cultural traditions and values as well as learning interaction skills across cultures. Topics and concepts such as race, ethnicity, age, gender, social class, religion, abilities and sexual orientation are explored in the class. Assesses Core Learning Outcomes 1, 2, 3, 4, 6. Prerequisites:  Completion of ENGL 098 or ESL 098 or IELP 098 with C or higher or placement into ENGL& 101.


  • AAS - DTA code (if applicable)
  • C - Communication Skills
  • NS - Natural Science
  • H - Humanities
  • R - Human Relations
  • SS - Social Sciences
  • NS-L - Natural Science Lab
  • Q - Quantitative Skills
  • TE - Transfer Elective (A list)
  • D - Diversity course

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