Cost and Fees

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Everett Community College has been great about creating a flexible payment plan for us, which has made it way easier for those of us that weren't quite where we thought we would be when our child got to these college years. I so appreciate you making these formative years a little less stressful. - Scott Conyers, parent of CHS student Chase Conyers

Program Costs and Fees

Each College in the High School course is five (5) college credits and costs $220. The cost for an equivalent course taken at EvCC can be as much as $535 and that does not include the cost of textbooks, parking, and other fees. This is a significant savings to the student! There is an additional $31.80 fee to take the placement test. All fees are due at the time of registration.

Courses at the high school may be 5 credits for the full year's coursework or may be 5 credits for each semester at the high school. The high school teacher can explain the course term.

Full year classes require the student to complete the full year in order to earn credit. If the student does not complete the full year they will not earn any credit - partial credit is not awarded. 

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How to Pay

After completing steps 1 and 2 of the registration process, you are ready to register and pay for classes. Payment can be made by Visa, Mastercard, or Discover using the online registration system (preferred) or if registering in person we also accept personal checks or money orders. We cannot accept cash at the Corporate & Continuing Education Center.

Additional Payment Options

Guarenteed Education Tuition Funds

You may apply Guaranteed Education Tuition (GET) funds to this program. If using GET funds, you must apply in person at CCEC in Everett.

Deferred Payment Plan

Everett Community offers a payment plan for students who need more time to pay their fees.

Students pick up a Deferred Tuition – Short Term form Acrobat PDF Reader Icon from CCEC or request a digital copy or mailing. The student must complete the form and submit it to CCEC staff, who will verify that the first 50% of fees are paid, and then finalize the process with the student and parent. Both parent and student signatures are required to be eligible for the Tuition Deferral. The parent will be considered the responsible party for all payments.

CHS Fee Waiver Program

If you are a student in the EvCC Service District (Snohomish County) who is receiving Free or Reduced Lunch you may qualify for the EvCC College in the High School Fee Waiver Program. This will waive fees for two 5-credit courses per year. If you chose to self-pay for additional classes/credits you will need to follow the step-by-step process and complete steps 1 and 2 on the registration information page. Once you apply, you will receive your Student Identification Number (SID) in an email from Everett Community College.