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Use the Class Schedule Look-up to see current and upcoming quarter class openings. These schedules are updated every thirty minutes and are subject to change. During your registration if you receive a message informing you that you need a Course Entry Code, you must contact the Instructor of that class to obtain that code. The Enrollment Services Office does not issue Entry Codes to students. If you are registering in person, you must have the Instructor sign and date your registration form, this permission must be presented within 48 hours for us to process your register. Please read the following carefully and then select classes above to view.

  • Use the first drop-down box to select the quarter you would like to view and press "View".
  • Use the second drop-down box, that appears after you select a quarter, to select the department you would like to view and then press "View".
  • To view detailed information about each course, click on the course number.
  • A number of EvCC classes are "self-support" and do not utilize state funding to cover their instructional costs. Additionally, view the other type of class fees that may occur.
  • In the far right column of the list you can see how many seats are still available in the class; "WL" indicates how many spaces are still available on the waitlist if the class is full. Please note: Students are responsible to monitor their waitlist status using the Kiosk Waitlist Inquiry. If you remain on a Waitlist when the quarter begins, you must go to the first class and speak with the Instructor for permission to enroll. Instructor permission must be submitted to Enrollment Services within 48 hours and payment is due at the time of registration.
  • The new common course numbering (CCN) scheme takes effect SUMMER 2008. Students continuing from previous quarters should take care in selecting their classes in order to avoid duplication of courses, and in order to properly continue in sequenced courses in areas such as math, science and the world languages. Check out the CCN for more information.

For information about how to register, check out the Registration page.

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