Senior Citizens

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Everett Community College offers a wide variety of classes and options for adults age 60 and over.

EvCC is happy to offer a tuition waiver to Senior Citizens, age 60 or over. This program is designed for senior citizens who meet our residency requirement for state tuition, and who wish to audit one or two courses on a space available basis. Registration in the course(s) may be submitted beginning the 6th day of the quarter (or the equivalent for a class with a non-standard start date). Registration in the course earlier than that results in disqualification for the waiver. Effective Spring 2012, students pay $5.00 for the class(es), plus 100% of any fees attached to the class(es). The student is responsible to pay such fees as the Campus Enhancement Fee, Technology Fee, lab fees, art supplies, parking fees, and any other class or campus fees assigned to the course. This tuition waiver is not available for correspondence, portfolio development, community service, self-support, special project courses, or for courses where the instructor may expect to receive additional pay or the College is paying special fees to support the class. See Enrollment Services for further information.

The College's Corporate and Continuing Education Center offers a rich array of learning opportunities on a fee basis. Class times vary: evening, day, weekend. Popular courses range from bicycle repair to fly-fishing to retirement seminars to basic computer usage to arts and crafts to E-Bay selling!  Courses are fun and affordable, many beginning as low as $29. For more information on these classes contact Corporate and Continuing Education at 425-267-0150.

Thinking of obtaining your high school diploma?  EvCC offers classes that will allow you to pick up right where you left off!  Our friendly staff will welcome you to our  High School Completion Program and work with you to reach your goals.  This program is typically at a low cost to participants and will not only assist you with obtaining your high school diploma, but will also help you bridge over to college level classes. For complete details contact us today at 425-388-9032.

Each quarter over 450 senior citizens attend EvCC classes. As a community college, EvCC welcomes students of all ages. In each classroom you will find a diverse setting filled with learners of all ages, faceted experiences and culturally rich backgrounds.

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