Enrollment and Tuition

By registering, you are taking personal responsibility to pay tuition and/or fees. All students - regardless of the type of courses being taken - may be charged fees. The College may block registration and/or withhold services until all outstanding fines and debts are resolved; including: unpaid tuition, library fines, parking fines, etc. Student accounts should be cleared at least 24 hours prior to registration. Outstanding debts are eventually referred to a collections agency; you will be responsible for collection fees, court fees, and attorney fees if you are sent to collections. Tuition is due within 5 business days from the date of registration or by 4:30 p.m. on the last business day before the start of the quarter, whichever comes first.

Tuition Topics

Payment Options: in person, online, credit card, 20/40 Plan
3rd Party Payment Tuition & Residency
Refunds Tuition Reduction
Payment Warning Refund Appeals
Holds Technology Enhancement Fee
Funding by Class Type Tuition Rates
Information about Fees 20-40 Deferred Payment Plan

Payment Options

Make sure you have your Student Identification number (SID).

  • In person at the Cashiers Office in the Parks Student Union
  • In person at East County Campus in Monroe
  • Send a check to the Cashiers Office
  • Pay by credit card on the web 
    • Discover card or debit cards (unless they can run as credit cards) not accepted
    • You must have a "V" code
  • Deferred Payment - "20-40 Plan"
    • first payment of ½ the tuition and fees is due by the normal deadline. Note: The 20/40 payment plan cannot be set up online or over the phone, only in person.
    • second payment is due by the 20th calendar day
    • third payment is due by the 40th calendar day
    • there is a $10.60 fee for this service
    • if a payment deadline is missed, there is a $26.50 fee for re-registration
  • Certain Self-Support Programs are not eligible for the 20-40 Deferred Payment Plan those programs include:
    • Medical Transcription
    • Medical Billing and Coding
    • Fire Science
    • EMT (Emergency Medical Technician)
    • All Continuing Education Classes
  • If you have questions, please contact the Cashiers for more information: 425-388-9225

Tuition Payment Warnings

  • Payment deadlines vary - know the important dates
  • Non-attendance does not constitute a reason to avoid payment
  • The College reserves the right to cancel registration for unpaid students
  • Non-payment may result in a direct bill to the student
  • Work closely with your employer
  • Stay connected with Financial Aid
  • Outstanding debt is referred to a collection agency
  • Registration may be blocked until payment is made

Tuition Holds

To postpone payment pending receipt of financial aid, scholarship, VA or other funds you must:

Financial Aid: Students who are dependent on financial aid to pay for their tuition may be placed on a tuition hold from the Financial Aid Office prior to the tuition payment deadline each quarter. Holds are typically not given if a student does not meet the priority filing deadline for each quarter and other eligibility requirements. For more details, please call the Financial Aid Office.

VA and other holds: Work with the campus department in charge of your funding to go through the appropriate process for a tuition hold.

Third Party Tuition Payment

If your tuition is contingent upon an employer or agency to pay your tuition bill at EvCC, please read this carefully.

With few exceptions, we must receive a payment voucher from your employer or agency by the payment deadline. You are responsible for submitting that voucher to the Cashiers Office. Vouchers must be submitted immediately after registration. Generally, this means that you must secure your eligibility at least a few weeks in advance of registration so that the voucher can be generated in time.

Sponsored (Agency or Employer) Funding

Some examples of this include L&I (Labor & Industries), Boeing, GET (Guaranteed Education Tuition fund, which parents pre-pay into), Trade Act, DVR (Division of Vocational Rehabilitation), military, etc. You must contact your sponsor or agency for written payment authorization, and submit that authorization to the Sponsored Student Account representative before the deadline to pay, otherwise your registration will be cancelled. It is your responsibility to comply with your sponsor's eligibility requirements. If a multiple quarter authorization is on file, you need to contact the Cashiers Office after registering each quarter to have your tuition and fees processed. The College views the employer or agency's authorization as a promise to pay, despite your attendance status or subsequent eligibility. You may become responsible for payment if your sponsor invalidates an authorization, or if you fail to submit a proper authorization. It is strongly advised to be in direct contact with EvCC's Cashiers Office and your sponsor. Do not assume your sponsor knows your registration status.

Special Note for Business or Agency Sponsors

If you are prepared to fully or partially pay someone's tuition and fees, you must provide to the student or to the College a written authorization (voucher) of your promise to pay. This must be submitted by the payment deadline, and we regard it as the student's responsibility to insure that it is submitted in a timely manner. For clarification of our processes, please contact the Sponsored Student Account Representative. In the instances of business and industry training presented by our Corporate & Continuing Education Center, sponsors must make contractual payment arrangements with the staff of those programs. In some cases, employers are prepared to reimburse tuition costs to employees who successfully complete classes. This requires that the student pay his/her own tuition, and submit a grade report (transcript) to the employer.

Trade Act Students

You must see the Workforce Funding Office located in the Parks Student Union, Room 307 with you initial application, in order to complete an Independent Training Plan (CT-3 Form), cost estimate, etc. - a copy of which is sent to our Sponsored Student Account representative. Immediately after registration you must go to the Cashiers Office and identify yourself as a Trade Act student so that your student account is properly credited. Your Trade Act Counselor must forward final payment authorization to the Sponsored Student Account representative by the tuition payment deadline. Please stay in contact with your Trade Act Counselor and the Sponsored Student Account representative to assure that your account is paid. If the Trade Act fails to cover your tuition, you are responsible for payment. In most cases, this process needs to be repeated with the Cashier each quarter in order to assure that your payment status is accurate. When in doubt about payment status, contact the Sponsored Student Account representative.

Financial Aid, Veterans' and Scholarship students

If you met the quarterly deadline and other financial aid requirements based on your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), and show Satisfactory Academic history, you will be notified via email that you have been placed on a tuition hold.  This will allow you to stay enrolled in your classes without payment as your financial aid is processed. If you become ineligible for financial aid, you are responsible to pay your tuition and fees by standard deadlines.


If you wish to pay the tuition and fees for your son or daughter, you must know their student ID and PIN number, and you must bring a copy of their class schedule (with amount owing) in order to conduct a transaction with the Cashiers Office.


Refund deadlines vary, depending on the type of class, and the date of the drop or withdrawal. If you drop a class through the online system, double-check your status after a few minutes to assure that the transaction was accepted.

All students are subject to the following: A refund is considered only when a student officially drops or withdraws from a class or from the College. The date of such action is noted if it is done via the online web registration system, or in person in Parks Student Union, Room 201 or with Continuing Education. All drop transactions must be completed by the close of business (4:30pm) on the deadline day. A refund, if due, is mailed to the student's address on file or credited back to the credit card or agency. Refunds can take up to five weeks to process. Refunds for under $10 will only be processed with a written request from the student.

Refunds for students who are receiving financial aid may also be calculated in accordance with state/federal rules. These formulas are published in the Financial Aid procedures manual. Financial Aid students should note that early departure could trigger a request for repayment of their aid funds.

Please Note: Failure to attend does not constitute a reason for a refund. An official withdrawal must occur prior to a refund deadline to be eligible for a refund. To qualify for a refund, students must formally drop classes through the Enrollment Services Office by the specified deadline. See the class schedule or calendar for deadlines for each quarter.

For State-Support Classes, the refund deadlines are stated in the class schedule. Usually, but not always, classes have a 100% refund during the first 5 days of the quarter, and a 50% refund until the 20th calendar day of the quarter. Courses that have unusual start and end dates will have different deadlines.

For Self-Support Classes, refund deadlines vary, and are stated in the class description.

  • Don't assume Enrollment Services will drop you.
  • Don't assume your instructor will drop you
  • Don't assume Financial Aid will drop you.
  • Don't assume an advisor will drop you.

Refund Appeals

An appeal for a refund policy exception must be made in writing to Enrollment Services with the quarter for which the refund is desired; refunds are only considered for extreme medical emergency or a call to active duty military service.

Classes by State Funding Support

  • State-Support Classes: Most of EvCC's classes are "state-supported" and charge according to the state-regulated tuition rates; lab fees or other specific fees may be charged in addition to tuition. Typically, classes that are state-supported do not specify the tuition cost in the class listing.
  • Self-Support Classes: Do not utilize state funding to cover their instructional costs. Therefore, the state tuition schedule does not apply. The class schedule will identify self-support courses and their costs.

Please Note: Both State Supported and Self Supported classes have Instructors. The difference is how the class is funded. Students who take a mixture of state-supported and self-support classes should carefully evaluate their total tuition and fees. For example, a resident student taking 12 credits in state-supported classes and 5 credits in a self-support class may be charged $1,131.02 plus $514.55 for the self-support class. Alternatively, a student taking 17 credits in self-support classes may be charged $1,749.47.