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Desktop Computers

  • desktopThe library has desktop computers available for research use. Computers are available on a first-come basis. However, users not engaged in research may be asked to yield their computers during peak times. Additional computers are available in the library classroom when it is not reserved for a class.
  • All desktop computers provide access to the Internet, library databases, the library's online catalog, Microsoft Office Suite and printing. These computers also have all standard computer lab software.
  • All students who pay the student eTech fee have data-storage available on the college network. Students must save all work either to this network space or to a personal USB flash drive, not to the local computer.
  • An account with a username and password is required to use the desktop computers. Only students currently taking classes may log in, and passwords expire every ninety days. Students may reset their password online using the EvCC Self-Service Password Reset.

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Laptop Computers

  • Laptop computers are available at the check-out desk for use in the library. These computers have all of the same features as the desktop computers, including printing.
  • Laptop computers require an account with a username and password. Passwords expire every ninety days and may be reset online using the EvCC Self-Service Password Reset.
  • Most carrels in the library that do not house a desktop computer have an electrical outlet that may be used to power laptop computers. Please do not plug laptops or other devices into wall or floor outlets that are already in use or that may cause cables to cross aisle ways.
  • Laptop computers are for in-library use only.
  • The borrower is responsible for the laptop computer until it is returned to a library staff member at the circulation desk. Do not leave laptops on the circulation desk or anywhere in the library unattended.

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Wireless Access

  • Patrons with personal wireless laptops or other Internet-ready devices may access the Internet anywhere in the library.
  • No account is necessary to access the public wireless network.
  • Most carrels in the library that do not house a desktop computer have an electrical outlet that may be used to power laptops and other devices. Please do not plug anything into wall or floor outlets that are already in use or that may cause cables to cross aisle ways.
  • Users must be familiar enough with their own devices to locate and connect to the EvCC wireless network. EvCC library computer staff are restricted from handling any personal computer equipment.
  • No printing is available for personal laptop via the campus wireless network. To print a document, save it to a USB flash drive, log into one of the desktop computers, and print from there.
  • Never leave laptops or other electronic devices unattended in the library.

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Large-Screen Monitors

  • Every group study room in the library has a large-screen monitor mounted on the wall.
  • Students may hook up their own laptop to the monitor or check out one of our notebook computers.
  • These monitors are great for designing and practicing group presentations.
  • Visit the Library Services for Students page for more information on signing up for a group study room.

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  • The library offers a program funded by the student ETech fee that provides a limited number of netbooks that may be checked out for the quarter.
  • The current version of the rental netbook  runs Windows 7 and has Office 2016 installed. Check with the circulation desk at the library for more details.
  • Netbooks may be used on or off campus to support the educational goals of students.
  • Netbooks connect to the EvCC wireless network. On-campus printing is not available.
  • Netbook support is available at the library computer support desk or through the EvCC IT Department.
  • Be sure to carefully read the netbook agreement before checking one out. Ask a library staff member to explain anything that is unclear. Students who check out a netbook are financially responsible for the equipment until it is returned to the library.
  • Obtaining a Netbook:

1. Reserve: 
a)  Register for: INFO 200N - Item #5441
b)  Pay a rental fee as part of your registration bill.

2. Pick Up 
a)  Checkout begins on the first day of the quarter.
b)  Bring your class schedule and student ID card to the library circulation desk.

3. Return Policy
    Netbooks are due back at the library by closing time on the last day of the quarter.

Late and Replacement Charges:  

A replacement fee of $500 is charged for lost or damaged netbooks. 
A late fee of $20 per day is charged if returned after closing time on the last day of the quarter.

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  • The library is currently piloting a lending program with a limited number of NOOK Simple Touch eReaders. These eReaders can download free ebooks from the EvCC library, other public library collections, and the internet and ebooks purchased by the individual from Barnes & Noble. The eReaders are available for 22-day check-out with renewals.
  • The eReaders are wireless enabled in order to access the Barnes & Noble registration page and store, but they cannot access web sites or email accounts. Please note that these e-readers are not compatible with NookStudy.
  • For instructions on setting up the eReader and downloading free ebooks from the EvCC library collections, please visit the library's NOOK instructions  at our ebook libGuide. 
  • For more information please feel free to ask a librarian for help.
  • This program is funded by student ETech fees. At this time only current students may check out an e-reader.

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  • The library provides wheelchair accessible desktop workstations in the main library area and in the classroom.
  • There is also a wheelchair accessible desk wired for a notebook/laptop or netbook computer in the main library area.
  • The Center for Disability Services provides specialty software on several desktop computers, including screen magnification, text-to-speech, screen-reader, and scanner OCR-to-speech software.

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Workstations/Resources for Visitors

  • The library provides five computers that allow all patrons and visitors to access the library's online catalog and databases.
  • These computers may also be used to reset user passwords and to access individual information by logging in to the MyEvCC page. Printing is available from these computers.
  • No other functionality or Internet access is available from these computers.

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