2011-2012 Women's Basketball profiles

Janell Alyea
Jersey: # 42
Years Playing:  1 year
Year in School:   Freshman – Basketball; Sophomore - School
High School & Graduating Year:   Cascade High School, 2008
Hometown:   Everett, WA
Positions:   Forward
Height:   5’11 ½
Major:   Fire Science
Career Goal:   Firefighter
Other Interests/ Hobbies:   Track & Field
Last School Attended:     EvCC
Kathryn "Kat" Campos
Jersey: # 14
Years Playing: 16 years
Year in School:  Sophomore
High School & Graduating Year:   Mariner High School, 2009
Hometown:  Everett, WA
Positions:  Guard/Point Guard
Height:   5’4
Major:  Pre-Med & Global Studies
Career Goal:  Humanitarian
Honors:  Orchid Award – HS; Cross Country Team Captain – HS; Track Team Captain – HS; Basketball Team Captain - HS
Other Interests/ Hobbies:  Surfing, Volunteer work, Dancing, Friends, Family
Last School Attended:     Missouri Valley College
Alexis Edwardson
Jersey: # 22
Years Playing:  13 years
Year in School:  Sophomore
High School & Graduating Year:   Ketchikan High School, 2010
Hometown:   Ketchikan, AK
Positions:  Point Guard/Shooting Guard
Height:   5’6
Major:   Education
Career Goal:   Math Teacher (High School)
Honors:  National Honor Society – HS; Honor Graduate – HS; Coaches Award – HS, 2009-10; 2nd Team All-State – HS, 2008, 2009, 2010; All-Conference – HS, 2008, 2009, 2010
Other Interests/Hobbies:  Hiking, Fishing, Eating, Writing
Last School Attended:     EvCC
Gabrielle Redwine
Jersey: # 24
Years Playing:  5 years
Year in School:  Freshman
High School & Graduating Year:   Sartori Education Center, 2011
Hometown:  Renton, WA
Positions:  Shooting Guard/Guard
Height:    5’5
Major:   Business Management
Career Goal:   “To own my own recreational center and start my own charity”
Honors:   Team MVP – HS; All-League – HS; Player of the Week – HS; All-Star Invite (twice) – HS; All-Area – HS; Outstanding Senior – HS, 2011; WIAA Scholastic Award – HS; WIAA Districts - HS
Other Interests/Hobbies:  Shopping, Community Service, Working out, Reading, Movies, Puzzles
Last School Attended:     Santori Education Center
Tessla Rennie
Jersey: # 50
Years Playing:  12 years
Year in School:  Sophomore
High School & Graduating Year:   West Anchorage High School, 2010
Hometown:   Anchorage, AK
Positions:  Post/Forward
Height:  5’11
Major:   Physical Therapy/Sports Training
Career Goal:  Physical Therapist
Other Interests/ Hobbies:   Flag Football, Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Guitar, Singing, Chilling
Last School Attended:     EvCC
Shana Stewart
Jersey: # 10
Years Playing:  7 years
Year in School:   Freshman
High School & Graduating Year:  Petersburg High School, 2011
Hometown:  Petersburg, AK
Positions:  Point Guard, Shooting Guard
Height:  5’3
Major:  Elementary Education
Career Goal:   Elementary Teacher
Other Interests/ Hobbies:   Softball
Last School Attended:     Petersburg HS
Sarah Titus
Jersey: # 30
Years Playing:  10 years
Year in School:  Freshman
High School & Graduating Year:   Stanwood High School, 2011
Hometown:  Stanwood, WA
Positions:  Guard/Wing
Height:   5’1
Major:   Pharmacy/Pharmacist
Career Goal:   Pharmacy/Pharmacist
Other Interests/ Hobbies:  Volleyball, Art
Last School Attended:     Stanwood HS
Starr Williams
Jersey: # 12
Years Playing:  10 years
Year in School:   Freshman
High School & Graduating Year:   Hazen High School, 2011
Hometown:  Renton, WA
Positions:  Guard
Height:   5’0
Major:   Business Management
Career Goal:  “Start own dance studio”
Other Interests/Hobbies:  Dance, Sing, Rap, Cook, Shop, Have fun
Last School Attended:     Hazen HS
Stephanie Zamudio
Jersey: # 34
Years Playing:  8 years
Year in School:   Freshman
High School & Graduating Year:   North Mason High School, 2011
Hometown:   Belfair, WA
Positions:   Post/Wing
Height:   5’8
Major:   Physical Therapy
Career Goal:   Physical Therapist Assistant
Honors:   Honorable Mention – HS
Other Interests/ Hobbies:  Swimming, Watching movies
Last School Attended:    North Mason HS
Michelle Lipscomb
Jersey: # 32
Years Playing:  15 years
Year in School:  Sophomore
High School & Graduating Year:   Kamiak High School, 2009
Hometown:  Mukilteo, WA
Positions:  Shooting Guard/Forward
Height:   5’11
Major:   Health Sciences
Career Goal:   “Working in the health/fitness industry”
Honors:  Honors Classes – HS; Team Captain – HS; Top 2 leading scorer – HS; Team leading rebounder - HS
Other Interests/Hobbies:  Being outdoors with friends
Last School Attended:    New Mexico Highlands University