EVCC3160: Shared Leave Policy

Original Date:    December 17, 2008

Revised:               April 19, 2011

Policy Contact:  VP Administrative Services


Everett Community College allows its employees to come to the aid of another EvCC employee (at no significant cost to the state) who is likely to take leave without pay or terminate his or her employment because:

  • The employee suffers from, or has a relative or household member suffering from, an illness, injury, impairment, or physical or mental condition which is of an extraordinary or severe nature; or
  • The employee has been called to service in the uniformed services; or
  • The employee is a victim of domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking; or
  • A state of emergency has been declared anywhere within the United States by the Federal or any state government and the employee has needed skills to assist in responding to the emergency or its aftermath and is the governmental agency or a nonprofit organization approves the employee’s offer of service to provide humanitarian relief in the devastated area.

When taken, this leave is classified as Shared Leave and tracked separately over the state career of the recipient employee (donee).

Administration of Shared Leave

Shared leave will be administered in accordance with the Office of Fiscal Management regulations. It shall be the donor’s dollar value of the leave that transfers and purchases shared leave for the donee at the donee’s salary rate. Donations will be accepted up to the donee’s requested amount.

Eight (8) hours a month of accrued and / or shared leave may be used to provide the continuation of benefits as provided for by the Public Employees’ Benefits Board.

LEGAL AUTHORITY: RCW 41.04.650-670; WAC 357-31-380-455; OFM Shared Leave Notice 25.40.10


Board of Trustees


December 17, 2008