Smaller Business Program & Coaching

two menThe Small Business Accelerator--For Smaller Business Program & Coaching program is a suggested precursor to the Accelerator Program. Take key steps to prepare yourself and your business for accelerated growth and profitability.

This practical 3 month program includes:

  • Classroom learning
  • Networking with other experienced entrepreneurs
  • One-on-one business assessment session with an expert business coach

During classroom learning with other business owners, you will learn the latest strategies in business planning, sales and marketing, employee management, and financial management -- and how each directly relates to making your business grow and thrive.

Participants who complete the program walk away with an individualized assessment of their current business, a list of key growth opportunities, and specific steps and tools required for their particular business to substantially grow profits.

We are now accepting participants for the 2013 Small Business Accelerator Signature program. Call 425-267-0150 or email to secure your spot today.

Who Should Attend?

Smaller Business Program & Coaching participants typically have one to five years or more experience running their business, generate less than $500,000 in sales, and have 1 - 10 employees.

The Small Business Accelerator in the News

An article titled “Class sets business owners on growth pathExternal Site Link was recently published in The Herald Business Journal describing how business owners should know when it’s time to take their business to the next level and more importantly how to go about doing it.

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