MT Program Student Feeback

The typical "life experience" of our Medical Transcription students is extraordinary. Check out the quotes below.

(8/22/2008) Thank you, Dotty, for your help in this matter. I have to admit that this program took a lot of hard work, and I am so happy to have completed it with such a high GPA. Funny enough, my husband would laugh at me because I would close my eyes and cross my fingers every time I submitted something for grading :-). I appreciate the excellent instruction and support that I received during the program, not only during the classes from the instructors, but also for matters such as this which are not "class related." I would recommend Everett to anyone looking to receive training in medical transcription. I will definitely keep in touch with you regarding my job hunt and the status thereof.


(7/24/2007) I just wanted to let you know that this program is so wonderful all the way from the program, to the instructors, and to you personally. I am so glad that I got to meet you last quarter in person. I will definitely recommend this program to anyone interested in this field or medical coding. It is truly a fantastic program. All the instructors I had were extremely patient and caring. They put way more time and energy than part time into the program. They all wanted to see us succeed. It was such an honor to walk through the graduation ceremony in June, knowing I had made this accomplishment with the help of some tremendous women. It was also wonderful that I got to meet them in person as well. I will let you know when I find employment. I have not started looking yet as I am in the test prep class and plan to take the Career Step Final and then I am scheduled to take the RMT examination on August 21st, so wish me luck! After I finish both of those I will look. Please pass along my gratitude and thanks to my wonderful instructors Brenda Gonzalez, Jeanne Miele, Betsy Stam, and now Pat Stettler. Thank you for always being a wonderful resource and someone I always felt I could turn to if I needed the support!

Thank you, DeeAnn N.

(5/22/2007) Thanks for asking about me. I have a job working as a Medical Transcriptions at one our of local hospitals. When I took the testing I thought I totally blew it, but surprises of all surprises, they called me and said I did the best out of all their applicants. I will get full benefits after 90 days employment and let me tell you, the benefits are wonderful! I just love all the people I work with. As soon as I got the job, I emailed... my instructor from Everett Community College. She is a wonderful teacher. She kept in touch with me to see how things are going in the job.

Christie W.

Are you sure you want feedback (lol). I thought last quarter was supposed to be the hardest, but I was wrong, at least in my case. I am having a hard time understanding quite a few of the dictations, but keep sticking to it, and hopefully it will get better. Part of my problem may be do to physical problems which I am again going through. Overall, I believe this program has taught me how to manage my time, learn to become a better proofreader, and a better speller. I believe that once I finish this program I will feel great about myself in that I will have finally achieved my greatest challenge, which is school. I have always had a hard time with school since I was very young, and my greatest difficulties were in grammar and comprehension.

Michael D.