Is Medical Transcription and Editing for Me?

Your success is important to us! The program pace and curriculum are demanding. Having the appropriate skills before starting will help ensure your success. You are strongly advised to possess the following skills prior to enrolling: intermediate computer skills in Windows, MS Word and the Internet; typing speed of at least 35wpm; ability to manage your time wisely and learn in an online environment; and strong English grammar skills. Of course, if you want a career as a medical transcriptionist and editor, you should also have a real interest in the medical field!

To help you determine if you are ready to start the Medical Transcription and Editing program, we've designed some quick and easy free self-assessments. Try each one and see how you perform!

Aptitude for the Medical Transcription and Editing Field

Medical transcription and editing can be a fulfilling and rewarding career...but it is not the career for everyone. Wondering if you are heading in the right direction? Take this quick self-assessment to see how well you match the profile of someone already working in the field. Take the Exam Here.

Computer Literacy

Your computer is going to be your main tool to access the classroom, correspond with your classmates and the instructor, and complete assignments. Before beginning the program you need to be sure you have the intermediate computer skills to be successful. Wonder if you are ready? Take this quick and easy self-assessment and see. Take the Skills Assessment Here.

Typing Speed

Successful MT/MTEs typically type 70 wpm or more. Our program will help you build speed and accuracy, but you should be typing at least 35 wpm when you begin the program. Are you unsure of your current speed? Any online typing speed test can help you determine whether or not you'll want to work on improving this skill prior to starting the program.  Did you score 35 wpm or more? Great! You are ready for our program. If you didn't quite make it, you might want to practice your typing on your own, purchase typing-tutor software that will help you develop speed and accuracy, or take a keyboarding class to boost your skills. One choice is to take online Beginning Keyboarding (BT 100) through Everett Community College (Note: if you are not a Washington State resident, out-of-state tuition may apply). You may also check with your local community college or community education programs for similar courses.

English Grammar

Demonstrating good English grammar skills is one of the most important attributes of a successful MT. Wondering if your skills are up to par? Then take this quick self-assessment.