Student Service Learning

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Start the Service Learning Orientation

Message to Students:

(Please Read!!!)
Each quarter, many instructors at EvCC offer their students a service option as a means to learn about theories and concepts taught in class from within a real-world context. Agencies and schools in the community benefit from the services provided by our students and become partners in your education.

We ask that you use this opportunity to try something new. If you work with kids all the time, try working with families or seniors. This will help in your learning coursework because when something is new you learn in a very different and much deeper way. But know that we have gone before you in setting up these placements to make sure you are working with nice/welcoming people.

We fully understand that your life is busy, but the service-learning component was added to your class by removing other content, such as additional readings, a film, or writing assignments. So if you have made room in your schedule to study outside of class, the service project will be manageable for you. We are not trying to sugar-coat the fact that this is going to take a commitment on your part, but you are here precisely to learn and be trained in how to work with the professional world - this will help you to that end in ways no classroom presentation ever could. So please keep an open mind and ask lots of questions. Our program placement coordinator will work diligently to help you find a placement that fits your unique schedule, as we work with community partners who are eager to have your assistance in their program and teach you about their world.