Club Checklists and Forms

Important Club Information

Use these forms to activate a club to "Chartered Club" status. These forms may be turned in at the Student LIFE, PSU 203.

Club Event Forms

Use these forms when a club is having an event or fundraiser. Must be turned in 2 weeks in advance at the Club Hub, PSU 203 & 204.

Club Travel Forms

Use these forms when planning club travel. All travel forms must be turned in at least 3 weeks in advance. Forms can be turned in at the Club Hub or Student LIFE, PSU 209

Club Publicity Forms

Catering Forms and Information

For up to date information on catering menus, ordering forms and exemption forms visit the Catering Page. Be sure to send invoices that need to be paid with club funding to Richele Blair at or drop it off in Student LIFE, PSU 209.