Acting and Theatre

Past Productions

Educational theatre is a powerful tool for theatre artists at all levels. Theatre promotes collaboration, cognitive thinking, problem- solving, and gives students a chance to explore their creativity and develop their talents on stage. Our classes give students the key knowledge necessary to begin the exploration of Theatre and it's importance in Society. The emphasis is on experiential learning and students have many opportunities to hone their craft.

Two types of acting classes are offered to expose students to differing acting styles, an introduction to theatre explores the origins theatre throughout the ages and today, and understanding diversity through drama examines the way theatre is expressed through many differing cultural groups.

Production: Students often have the unique opportunity to practice their craft in a performance environment. Past productions have included Picasso at the Lapin Aguile, The Count of Monte Cristo, Rashomon, Dear Brutus, Fortinbras, Women in Mind, and Landscape of the Body.

Internship and Special Projects in Theatre: In order to supplement their education, students can Intern at local theatre companies for credit. Students may also earn credit for special projects, such as playwrighting, directing, and technical theatre.

Program Outcomes

Students successfully completing a degree with an emphasis in Theatre at EvCC will satisfy specific program outcomes.  Students will be able to:

  • Critically evaluate musical or theatrical performances, using terminology specific to the discipline.
  • Describe the historical, social, and aesthetic context of theatrical or musical works.
  • Demonstrate skills and technical proficiency in a selected area of performance (acting, vocal music or instrumental music).
  • Demonstrate performance skills through participation in student recitals or theatrical productions.