Graphic Design: Certificate Guide

The folowing is a recommended schedule for students entering in the fall. It is essential to work with a program advisor to discuss options and course selection.

Graphic Design Certificate


(5) Graphic Design 110 Foundations of Graphic Design
(5) Photography 110 Photography I: Basic Elements
(5) Graphic Design 201 Advertising Design


(5) Graphic Design 113 Design and Typography
(5) Graphic Design 202 Package Design
(5) Graphic Design 231 Advanced Typography
(2) Graphic Design 292, Business Practices for Graphic Design


(5) Graphic Design 213 Design and Illustration for Media
(5) Graphic Design 298 Deree Project
Small Group / Independent Study (Choose one from below, 2-5 credits)
5) Graphic Design 252 Booklab
5) Graphic Design 297 Poetry Northwest Magazine
2) Art 297 Gallery Experience and Exhibition Design


Any courses not taken during first year may available summer quarter, check the college schedule and meet with your advisor.