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Vegetarian Cooking Class Offered Winter 2018

Curious about plant-based diets?  Learn about vegetarian cooking and the implications of plant-based diets for health, weight, and sustainability in NUTR 120 - Vegetarian Cooking

Sustainable Food Systems Class Offered Spring 2018

Hungry for something different?  Learn how to grow and prepare food that's good for you and the planet in NUTR 180 - Sustainable Food Systems.

About the Program

Nutrition is currently a topic of great interest in the United States, since good nutrition has such an impact on wellness and the prevention of many common chronic diseases. It is even being discussed in the political arena, with current legislative proposals to change nutrition requirements in the schools, and proposals to improve food labeling.

Nutrition courses at Everett Community College meet the non-lab natural science requirement for a non-science major Associates Degree; Nutrition 180: Sustainable Food Systems counts as a lab science. Students in nutrition classes learn both the basic science and practical application, including analyzing their own diets.

For students interested in majoring in nutrition, there is a curriculum guide outlining recommended courses for transfer to a university. Students wishing to major in nutrition are strongly advised to meet with an advisor as soon as possible after enrolling.

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