Password Reset Application

Please Read Carefully!

  • This will NOT reset your Student Kiosk Pin or Canvas Pin.
  • This WILL reset your password for logging into the campus network and your email.
  • This WILL display your Username after you submit a successful password change.

Old Passwords Cannot Be Reused!

If an old password is used, your password reset will appear successful but you will not be able to log in.

Your new password must NOT contain:

  • Your FIRST name
  • Your LAST name
  • 3 or more consecutive characters from your username
    • For example, if your username is 'jsmith', your password cannot contain 'jsm', 'smi', 'mit', or 'ith'.

Your new password MUST contain:

  • 8 characters or more
  • One or more upper case letter
  • One or more lower case letter
  • One or more number and/or special character
All fields are required!