Campus Enhancement Fee

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q:        What is the Campus Enhancement Fee?
A:        In Spring of 2007 the students of EvCC voted in an election to assess themselves a fee to support major campus upgrades to student space at EvCC. 

Q:        How much is the fee?
A:        The fee is $5 per credit, up to 10 credits (Maximum of $50 per quarter) 

Q:        When did collection of the fee begin?
A:        The fee was not charged until the new Student Fitness Center opened in January 2011. 

Q;        What does the Campus Enhancement Fee pay for?
A:        Building the new fitness and athletic center, expansion of the Parks Student Union including a new cafeteria, increased student lounge space and new/expanded Russell Day Art Gallery, renovation of the library to include increased student quiet and group study space, creating park & pay parking lots, creating the EvCC Bike Station, etc.

Q:        Is the college contributing to the cost of these projects?
A:        Yes. The college will fund 60% of the projects and the students 40%. 

Q:        When did the Parks Student Union Expansion (café/bistro, gallery, etc.) open?
A:        The Parks Student Union expansion opened on schedule at the beginning of Spring Quarter 2011. 

Q:        Do students have to pay to use the gym?

A:        No.  Students will not have to pay to use the gym.  College employees choosing to use the gym will be required to pay a quarterly fee.

New Fitness Center
Drawing of new fitness center courtesy of SRG Partnership Inc.