Student Printing and Copying


Everett Community College students get a free credit of $21 per quarter per student to cover both printing and copying, which equals 350 pages in black and white printing. Color printing is significantly more costly.

This printing credit shows up automatically (when you log in with your EvCC student account) as a popup window for Papercut. The credit lasts until the end of the quarter, as long as you are still enrolled. The credit is reset at the end of each quarter, and does not carry over to the next quarter.

If you use up your quarterly credit you can buy additional printing credit at the Cashiers (in Parks 201). Papercut automatically keeps track of your printing credit and allows you to check your printing history.


Started in Summer Quarter 2015, to make copies you will use your Student Printing PIN (not the same as the PIN you use to log in) and you will not be using a copier card. 

Learn more about how to find and use your printing PIN with this step-by-step guide

If you have an old copy card with credit on it, just bring it to Shuksan 228 so we can credit it to your Papercut account.

Heres’s a list of copiers around the campus that let you make self-service copies.